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LaLaaLu KidBox

Like most working moms, I am super busy. This is why I absolutely love monthly subscription boxes. Love. Love. Love. Subscription box companies do the research on new products so I don't have to. They test products and share the best of the best in their monthly subscription boxes. I subscribe to MANY boxes, partly because I love finding new brands/products for my family and partly because it's like Christmas morning every time I get fun mail.

Around Christmas, I heard about an upcoming subscription box company that would be launched their first box in December. Of course, I had to get in on it. This company is called LaLaaLu. The brands are selected by parents living in NYC. Here's what they have to say:

lalaalu subscription box review thenursemommy
The Coolest Kid Stuff, Delivered Monthly to Your Door ’Man’ As a city parents, it’s tough to find the time (or the energy) to hunt down all the cool kid stuff that’s out there…and what’s truly worthy of a place in our (already jam-packed) apartments. That’s why we created the LaLaaLu KidBox.
Every month, you’ll get a hand-picked selection of products our city families love, wrapped up and delivered directly to your door. Includes 5-7 retail-sized products sized mealtime, bathtime, playtime and learning time products, special brand offers and more.
The one thing that drew me to LaLaaLu is that their boxes are truly customized by your kids’ ages: Baby KidBox for 0-12 months,Toddler KidBox for 1-3 years, and the BigKid KidBox for 4-6 years.This is one aspect many other subscription boxes fall short in- the older "Big Kid" area. A lot of craft subscriptions cater to these ages, but not product boxes. Since Nugget is still little, we don't do many craft projects yet, so products it is! Of course, on to the fun stuff. What did I get? Well I was pleasantly surprised with our Toddler KidBox. Here's what we got:

Oatmilk Calendula Moisturizing Baby Shampoo and Wash
For sensitive or dry scalp & skin
What they say: It is made with extra gentle plant-based cleansers that sooth and nourish the skin. Oatmilk helps comfort skin associated with eczema, dry patches or chafed skin. Calendula Oil is known to help soothe scalps with cradle cap or dry patches. Leaves hair soft, smooth, and shiny. It is Cerfitied Organic Nutri-Soothe blend rich in vitamins and antioxidants, that combine Chamomile, Watercress, Kudzu and Calendula.
What I say: I have seen this brand in stores before, but never tried it... I don't know why, because I absolutely love the smell of this shampoo/body wash. Not only is it tear free (aka Nugget approved), and is dairy and soy free. It is phthalate and paraben free. And one more of the big bad? It's also sulfate free. I avoid sulfates in all our family's shampoo and body washes. I have super sensitive skin and whenever I use anything with sulfates in it, I'm super itchy and dry for days. Because Nugget has sensitive skin like me, I don't want to wait and see what she develops sensitivities to, I prefer to just avoid the ickies and decrease her exposure to harsh chemicals. One more thing: I absolutely love that this line is made in the U.S.A. on a farm in New York State.  
I will most definitely be buying this brand in the future!

My SuperFoods Super Snacks
Chocolate Chip and Apple Raisin Granola Bites
What they say: MySuperSnack (soft) Granola Bites are a whole grain based, healthy snack developed in the kitchens of two busy moms, for their kids, who crave delicious food. Packed with 17 vitamins and minerals, ancient grains, flax seed, whole oats, omega-3's and super fruits, Granola Bites contain both fiber and protein to keep kids satisfied and nourished.
What I say: Yum. Just yum. I like that these have a good rounded composition, as in they have fiber, fat, and protein, and not too much sugar. These will help keep you satisfied longer. Most granola snacks on the market have way too much sugar, but these? They only have 8g sugar. So, mama approved, Nugget approved. I will totally be checking the other flavors out in the future!
The Honest Co. Hand Sanitizer 
What they say: Sanitizes & moisturizes skin and nails on contact leaving skin clean and refreshed. Botanicals (aloe and vitamin E), added for extra moisturizing, won't dry out skin. Long lasting protection against germs and bacteria (carbomer free). Naturally uses wood cellulose and vegetable glycerin to thicken 62% alcohol into a gel. No rinsing required. Use anywhere, anytime. No Harsh Chemicals, ever. 
What I say: I use so much hand sanitizer throughout the day at work, I always am all about getting a small pocket sized container to have for on-the-go. This sanitizer isn't too thin, so it doesn't slide all around your hands, and you can feel the aloe when you're rubbing it in. It dries pretty quickly. One thing about hand sanitizers, is I am always smelling before I even use them.  The smell is a super important factor here, as I am super sensitive to smells and really hate sanitizers that leave me needing to wash my hands with soap and water immediately afterwards to remove the stench.  Honest's Hand Sanitizer has a pleasant smell, almost lemoney. I used this throughout the day while working today and my hands don't have that tight dry feeling I get with other sanitizers. So this one, mama approved. 

Scrumptious Squash, Sweet Bananas, Hearty Sweet Potatoes and Crunchy Carrot
What they say: NurturMe is Organically Grown, convenient, gluten free. It contains no sugar, salt or preservatives. Freeze dried foods preserve more nutrients than your typical overprocessed jarred baby food.
What I say: I love this brand. Not only is it organic, but it is freeze dried. This is awesome because it utilizes less packaging, resulting in a smaller carbon footprint on our environment through less product having to take space on trucks, etc. NurturMe recommends using one packet as equal to a 2.5oz jar, stage 1, of baby food. Why send it to me in a toddler box? To add in recipes and sneak in our veggies. Not only is it sneaking in vegetables, it also allows me to increase the nutrient and caloric density of foods that Nugget eats. She isn't a big eater, so I need to add healthy things when and where I can. I love the recommendation to use squash or carrots in tomato sauce or mac-n-cheese. 

What they say: Putumayo World Music's ethnomusicologist chooses songs with children-friendly lyrics and rhythms by both renowned and undiscovered international artists. The CDs and our World Playground Activity Kit have won numerous national awards and regularly make the "Best of the Year" lists in educational and parenting magazines. 
What I say: I actually received this CD in another company's subscription box about 6 months ago. I will pass this one along to a mommy friend though. The music on this CD is cute, catchy and kid appropriate. Nugget loves to dance to music, so anything that is kid appropriate and not super annoying, automatically is mama approved in our house! 

Hape Toys Dump Truck
What they say: Imagination & Creativity: Encourages imitative and imaginary play; promotes fantasy story telling, role playing, and creativity. Gross Motor Skills (Physical Skills): Boosts coordination, balance, and physical strength. Fine Motor Skills: Promotes dexterity, hand/eye coordination, and manipulation. What I say: I love Hape toys and this dump truck is cute. They use water based paints, so I am not worried if Nugget decides she wants to give this toy a taste. This is not something I would consider a "gross motor skill" toy, unless you count crawling while pushing this along the floor.

So what do I think about the LaLaaLu KidBox? I loved it. Great products and cute toy. I purchased a 3 month subscription, so I am looking forward to getting my next box and sharing that with you, too!

Comment below and let me know what subscription boxes do you love? Which box should we review next?

Disclosure: I purchased this subscription service and received no compensation for this review. The opinions expressed in this post are my own and may differ from yours. Links enclosed may contain affiliate links.

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  1. A huge thank-you on behalf of LaLaaLu for reviewing our December KidBox. We really value your honest feedback, both as a mother and as a frequent subscription box customer. Keep in touch as you continue to enjoy our family-favorite brands :)

    Nik & Soniya
    Co-founders of LaLaaLu