Wednesday, February 13, 2013

January EcoCentric Mom Subscription Box

I know I've said it a million times, but there's nothing I love more than subscription boxes!!! 
I came across this new company last month and HAD to get my hands on one! I mean, after all, it's three of my most favorite things: subscription box with new products, eco-friendly, and FUN MAIL!  
EcoCentric Mom has three box options: Mom-to-be box, Mommy Box, and Baby Box. One great thing about these options is that if you choose to purchase a subscription, (for yourself or as a gift), you can start with the Mom-to-be Box, then call and have them send you a Mommy or Baby box the next month. No biggie and easy-peasy! Of course, like all moms, I feel guilty when I want to do something just for me, so OF COURSE I ordered a Baby Box for Nugget. When I say packed, there was no leftover room at all. There were maybe two tiny pieces of tissue paper to keep things from moving about, but not the extremely wasteful use of tissue paper oftentimes seen in other subscription boxes.What's super fantastic? Nearly every single brand offers a discount code for Ecocentric Mom subscribers!
This box did NOT disappoint- it was PACKED FULL. 

January EcoCentric Mom Baby Box review

 Most premium subscription boxes I have received, give between 5-7 items in their boxes, with maybe one full size product. This box had THREE!
EcoCentric Mom hooked it up!! Even their product listing page needed two sides!

Episencial Soothing Cream
What they say: This light and creamy lotion for itchy bothered skin is packed with organic ingredients and probiotics is super hydrating and soothing to the skin. Soothing Cream is unscented, like fresh air, has soothing and cooling benefits and is free from the bad stuff. Bring cooling comfort to red, dry, itchy, irritated skin. This all natural scent free formula with calming calendula, oat extract and raspberry butter restores moisture balance, while nourishing probiotics and neem oil fortify and soothe developing skin. It helps to defend against daily environmental challenges from water, sun and air.
What I say: Honestly, I did not have high hopes for this product. I received their sunscreen in a Citrus Lane box over last summer and it did not apply smoothly, kind of gloopy and it felt like poor coverage. Well, I have to say, Episencial surprised me GREATLY! This soothing cream felt silky and did not stink. And as we know, I really just don't like super smelly lotions. It's an aversion of mine. I like light, pleasant and just a hint of hello- this is just that. ALSO, the folks at episencial re offering a 20% off code through 3/1/2013 for EcoCentric Mom Subscribers!
Obviously, now, I'm a believer. I'm actually excited and hope to try their Snuggly Lotion Baby Lotion

Little Pim French Bop 
Music CD
What they say: It is never too early to begin introducing a second language. Open the world to your child today with Little Pim. Young children can learn multiple landuages with ease, and Little Pim makes it fun. Our unique Entertainment Immersion Method was designed to captivate the minds of babies, toddlers and preschoolers. By combining animation with footage of every day kids doing every day activities, Little Pim offers a foreign language series that it is as effective as it is fun.
What I say: Anything that gets my daughter moving and dancing, I absolutely LOVE. So, we will most definitely be listening to some more Little Pim music at our house!

Milkmakers Lactation Cookies
What they say: Milkmakers lactation cookies boost your milk supply and are seriously delicious and nutritious. Baked fresh with oats, brewer's yeast and flaxseed- traditional remedies used to increase breastmilk production. Low milk supply can be stressful. Hopefully, these cookies will make your life easier.
What I say: Be still my heart. I'm a nursing mom, and there is nothing worse than worrying about having a low milk supply. Seriously, I've been there and utilized peer-to-peer milk donation to feed my baby during through few rough months. But back to these cookies. They were SO good. I really wanted to eat both of them immediately. Part of me was greedy and was wishing I had a whole package of these bad boys to devour snack on while working on paperwork. Another awesome thing: ecocentric mom subscribers get a 10% off code to use online once before 2/28/13!

PBnJ Baby Paci Wipes
What they say: PBnJ baby Paci Wipes are specifically developed to clean baby and child items and go back into the child's mouth. Made with 100% safe food grade ingredients. Free of Alcohol and Harmful Chrmicals. Gentle for all ages. Safely clean pacifiers, teethers, bottles, sippy cups, rattles, clean tiny hands and more!
What I say: Pretty awesome. This will be most definitely be tossed in the diaper bag for those icky moments. We don't use pacis, and we're past the teether phase, but these could totally work for mamas that need cleaning for those! They're offering a 20% code for Ecocentric mom subscribers!!

~Just for Mom~

What They say: We mean it when we call it a meal. This PROBAR weighs in at three solid three ounces of fruits, nuts and seeds with enough nutrition to make a fresh, tasty, satisfying meal replacement. It's rich in raw ingredients and the right nutrient dense calories for lasting energy and nourishment.
What I say: It is definitely tasty, and has lots of chocolate. Chocolate makes me happy. Most granola/snack bars really lack in the chocolate factor. It is most definitely a meal replacement though- it's a whopping 393 calories! The stats aren't horrible. There's 23g fat, but there's only 5g Saturated fats; 41g Carbs (6g fiber, 19g sugar); 12g protein. I tend to prefer there to be more protein than sugars in my bars, but it is quite tasty. is also offering a discount code for Ecocentric mom subscribers!

What they say: Berryplus was designed for cold-water and high-efficiency machines, but works any way you do laundry – front or top loader, sink or bathtub, at any temperature (although cold is better for the planet and your wallet). Please don’t add extra softener, because the berries do that too!
Berryplus was created to be the purest and most natural, yet effective laundry soap around. It cleans your clothes as well as leading brands using only wholesome and sustainable ingredients which are safe and gentle for even the most sensitive skin and fabrics. We’ve figured out how to extract and concentrate saponin, the soapberry’s magic cleaning ingredient, to give you soap that’s free of harmful or questionable ingredients, fillers and fragrances. They even disclose ALL their ingredients on their website!
What I say: Well, first- it's packaged quite cute. The little vials are so teeny, they almost remind me of fragrance tester tubes! I absolutely love that this is concentrated, so it uses SO much less packaging. Not only that, the packaging is recyclable! So for those folks in apartments or city living, you don't have to worry about lugging along a ginromous container of laundry detergent. This is small enough, it'll fit IN YOUR POCKET!

Shakelee Basic H2O 
Organic Super Cleaning Concentrate
What they say: This little sample is enough to create TWO whole bottles of cleaner and Shaklee's full size 16oz bottle creates an unbelieveable 48 gallons of super-safe, really powerful, all purpose cleaner! This cleaner is safe, powerful and concentrated. It saves you money and saves on resrouces.
What I say: I won a large size bottle of this cleaner at Natural Generation's The CAN Challenge Kick Off Event- which was a cloth diaper daddy throw down. I've had my bottle since June and there's still over half of it. I literally use it on everything- my dining room  table, kitchen counters, the baby's toys, even spot cleaning the kitchen floor (cause I'm lazy, yeah). It is amazing how little you need and how long it lasts. I went to check out their website and found out that they do not do any animal testing, either. And you know me, I'm a tree hugger. Unless it's a bug, then I break out the chemicals. But when it comes to all the other animals, I'm a lover. :)

The Seaweed Bath Co. 
Lavender Powder Bath
What they say: The seaweed Bath Co. is a line of soothing seaweed skincare and hair care products created by long-time psoriasis sufferer Adam Grossman to take control of his own severely dry, irritated skin and help other sufferers. All products are 100% natural, gluten free, paraben dree, sulfate free and dye free. Safe for all ages.

What I say: Not too strong, not too icky, mixes well in the bath. And something I even let Nugget use.
Definitely something I'd try again.

Diaper Dabbler $5 gift card
What they say: Diaper Dabbler's goal is to provide parents with information and options so they can try out different diapers and effficiently make the best choice to suit their baby and their eco-friendly lifestyle and priorities.
What I say: What an awesome idea! They provide packs of twenty different types of diapers that you'd find three different packages: Modest Mama (store brands), Mommy Mainstream (brand names) and Mother Earth (environmentally-friendly with less chemicals). This will definitely be one of those services that moms will love. Now you don't have to buy an entire package of diapers and suffer through the ones that don't fit right, leak or smell funny (yes, some disposables smell weird when they have pee in them). Anyhow, they even offer a brand comparison chart for all the different types and styles they carry!

So what do I think about the Ecocentric Mom Baby Box? It's quite awesome, loved it. Great products and companies that I have never heard of. I am planning on purchasing a upcoming subscription. You should too. The awesome people over at Ecocentric Mom are providing our readers with a coupon code for new subscribers. Go get you some Ecocentric Mom!!! Use "ecomom10" when you sign up!

Disclosure: I was provided this box in exchange for review. The opinions expressed in this post are my own and may differ from yours. Links enclosed may contain affiliate links.


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  2. It's awesome that there are so many products!! I LIKE!!

  3. Cool! I just saw the Little Pim booth at Toy Fair and now I want my daughter to learn Spanish.

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    Great blog/post! :)