Wednesday, March 20, 2013

$5 off Panacea Particulars- Discount Code!

Finding a great quality, long lasting umbrella is almost impossible for me these days. What is even harder for me is to find a COMPACT umbrella with these qualities. Lucky me to stumble across Panacea Particulars! Not only are these compact umbrellas super sturdy but beautiful too!

 I was lucky enough to receive a BlossomBrella from Panacea Particulars. It is a beautiful color, which becomes even more beautiful when wet! A beautiful cherry blossom print appears when it is rained on. Cherry Blossoms are my favorite flower, and pink is my favorite color so it does not get much better to me!  The super cool thing is because of the telescopic opening shaft- this little baby is only 10 inches long when closed! However, it opens up VERY large, and completely covers me in a rain storm- there is even enough room to cover me and my five year old! I just love it! 

Panacea Particulars also has super cool animal print umbrellas (not to mention the lovely green and blue floral prints) including the adorable Chihuahua umbrella. As a Chihuahua owner, I just love this one as well! 

BUY IT! Panacea Particulars is offering a $5 off discount to their store, this code is good until April 20, 2013! Use code: MOMMY at checkout! Enjoy. Check them out on facebook too!

Umbrella received for my consideration while writing this review. All opinions are completely my own. No other compensation provided.


  1. That is so cool! How clever!

  2. I've never seen these! How cute!!

  3. thanks for sharing! The chihuahua one is so cute!

  4. Love the sound of the Chihuahua one it sounds so cute!

  5. Love these! You're right, it's so hard to find a good umbrella with style and class! Thanks for sharing