Thursday, March 7, 2013

The NEW Bluum Toddler Box: January Review

I know I've said it a million times, but there's nothing I love more than subscription boxes!!! Well, except baby kisses and when Nugget says mama... As a full-time working mother, I am way too busy to research new products. I love finding new brands/products for my family (and you guys!). This is why I absolutely love monthly subscription boxes. I subscribe to quite a few boxes, and it's like a little surprise each month when I open it; I always love the fun mails!

I have been receiving the bluum subscription boxes for quite a few months (see old bluum baby reviews here: April, May & December). However, Bluum Baby has expanded their line and has begun offering a Toddler Box. Thank goodness, because after my December box, I was considering cancellation.

The one thing I like about some subscription box companies is that they have a monthly theme. Recently, Citrus Lane stopped that program, and I was quite bummed about that. January's Bluum Toddler Box Theme is Fine Dining. Their ship date was pushed back a couple weeks, as they wanted to ensure their new updated box was amazing. I received the box in late February, hence the delay in my post... and I just received word via email that their February box was also delayed, so we'll see what that one looks like!  

There are four ways to subscribe: monthly (24.95), quarterly (74.85), semi-annually (124.75), and annually (249.50). You earn points for reviews each product and inviting friends. These points  accumulate for free boxes or other fun stuff. For each friend that you refer to bluum and signs up for a subscription, you earn a free month. So if you decide to order a subscription of bluum, please use my linkie!

So, what the Bluum mama merchandiser Jill says about the Fine Dining box:
When my son Sam was this age, I vividly remember a play date with a little girl the exact same age. They both sat down at Sam's toddler sized table to eat their lunch: Pasta, shredded cheese, and cut-up fruit. It was all finger food for Sam, while his little friend ate her entire meal with a fork. I remember thinking that day that he may never ever be ready to use utensils! Sam, now 12, has been using forks, knives and spoons for over a decade!Toddlers are notoriously finicky eaters - their tastes (and moods) can change like the weather. At the same time, kids this age love routine, so don't be surprised if yours exists - and insists - on the same food (prepared the exact same way) for every meal. To keep your sanity during this unpredictable period, think of mealtime as another opportunity to teach tots about new foods and flavors, but respect their prerogative to reject your offerings (at least for a while). And remember that as long as you present healthy eating options you don't need to sweat the small stuff.

Here's Bluum's Fine Dining Box offering for January:

StriVectin-SD™ Intensive Concentrate 
for Stretch Marks & Wrinkles
First item is for MOMMY!  
What they say: The stretch mark cream turned anti-wrinkle phenomenon, now formulated with our proprietary complex of 8% (NIA-114+ Peptide) Actives to improve the appearance of wrinkles and stretch marks in just 2-8 weeks. And even better, results keep improving over time, if you keep using our products twice a day.  Improves appearance of stretch marks & facial wrinkles in 2-8 weeks. Improves visible discolorations & hydrates throughout to improve overall skins elasticity, texture & tone.
What I say: I love strivectin! Fortunately, I didn't get many new stretch marks when pregnant with Nugget, but using for wrinkles, I'm not gonna lie, I'll be using it for that! I have those furrow lines that just won't quit!
Boiron Oscillococcinum
What they say: Take Oscillo at the First Sign of Flu! Oscillococcinum is safe, natural and easy to take. Oscillococcinum, an FDA drug - regulated, over the counter homeopathic flu medicine. Oscillo is the #1 OTC flu medicine in France and the #1 homeopathic flu medicine in the United States. It's for adults and children 2 years of age and older: Dissolve entire contents of one tube in the mouth every 6 hours, up to 3 times a day. 
What I say: Oh how I wish we had this back in early January! My daughter AND husband BOTH had the flu. This will definitely be something to keep on hand, as I hate the idea of Tamiflu, not only on principal, not just that it's entirely too overprescribed, but also the cost is exorbitant- even with co-pays. So, this is going to be a natural/homeopathic remedy that will be in our medicine cabinet for the future!

What they say: Fresh Baby's 4-Section Myplate provides you with a little extra support in making your child's mealtime healthy. The plate contains 4 divided sections that are appropriately sized portion compartments for Fruits, Vegetables, Proteins, and Grains. The easy-to-read, colorful theme emphasizes eating a rainbow of colors. It is made of melamine, and most 

importantly, is BP-A & Phthalate FREE. It's durable, dishwasher safe, and not for use in the microwave.
What I say: It's a cute plate. I like how it has the sections to help teach little ones healthy portions. Now, if it was non-skid and Nugget wouldn't throw it off her tray, it would be perfect! :)

Boogie Wipes
What they say: Extra soft, alcohol, phthalate and paraben free, Boogie Wipes are made with SALINE and available in Great Grape, Fresh Scent, Minty Menthol and Simply Unscented. The unique combination of Saline, vitamin e, aloe, and chamomile make the not-so-fun task of wiping your little ones nose that much easier by wiping mucus and stuck on boogies away easily.
What I say: When Nugget is sick, I hate fighting with her to wipe her nose, especially when it's so raw and just hurts from having been wiped so much. She's starting to learn to wipe and blow her own nose, but you know kids just don't do it well until they're much older. This just makes wiping her little raw nose just a little less painful for both her and mommy.

Happy Family  
Creamies & Tot Pouch Plus

What they say: The Happy Creamies are freeze-dried fruit & veggie finger foods for babies & toddlers. Three varieties in BPA free pouches. Organic Happy Creamies are 50% veggies with probiotics for digestive health. Coconut milk is a great dairy free alternative to cow's milk. Not only is it lower in sugars than cow and rice milk, it also provides healthy fats, like lauric acid, which helps build up baby's immune system. The Tot Pouch Plus are yummy organic fruit and veggie combos are the perfect on-the-go snack for active toddlers. Made with 100% organic ingredients, gluten-free Tot Plus contains choline for brain and eye development and the super grain Salba® chia packed with omega 3s, fiber and antioxidants. Tot Plus are also a good source of calcium and vitamin D. Convenient pouches are a no mess solution in the playground or in the car. 
What I say: I love Happy Family brand foods. We are a Happy Family family all the way. The creamies we received are Strawberry, Raspberry & Carrot flavored, made with coconut milk and have added probiotics. What I find especially fantastic is that they are dairy-free and gluten-free snack for babies & toddlers. I have so many patients that are on gluten-free or dairy-free diets; it's fantastic when a major brand is cognizant of special dietary needs. The Tot Pouch Plus we received is Kale, Apple & Mango flavored. We love pouches. They're quick, easy and super convenient for on the go snacking. However, they aren't 100% mess free. Sometimes, Nugget likes to squeeze them and watch the yummy goodness squirt all over. We're hoping she grows out of this phase soon. Hands down, we love Happy Family. I've recommended this brand to quite a few people in the past and will continue to do so.

Booginhead Sippigrips-Green/Orange
What they say: The award winning Sippigrip is mom-invented and approved. Made with a unique grip material for a strong hold, it attaches your child's sippy cup to their high chair, stroller, and car seats. This adjustable, washable, non-toxic child must-have is a winner! Wrap the shorter strap, grip side down, around the cup, bottle or toy. Thread through the d-ring and pull back lightly.No more lost sippy cups, teethers, or toys! Use it when you don't want to lose it! 
What I say: I was pretty stoked to get this in my box. When Nugget was in daycare in Georgia, we used the Booginhead pacigrips; because, she wasn't a big paci baby, but daycare liked her to have one. That way, it wouldn't get lost, dropped on the floor, or shared with anyone else's germs. So, I'm familiar with the brand from before. Nugget has a tendency to toss her sippy when we're in the car driving. Next week, we're taking a trip to the Grand Canyon and this is going to be my lifesaver.

Petites Frites - Bib-Day of the week
What they say: Keep those adorable baby duds clean at mealtimes with these super chic and colorful, full coverage bibs. Made from two layers of our double-ply custom cotton-blend fabric, making them absorbent and extra soft for sensitive skin. 65% unbleached cotton, 35% lyocell. Colored with low-impact, baby-friendly dyes. Machine washable. Made with love in the USA. The Reversible Bib features two different colors to match outfits or swap when one side gets dirty. The Day of the Week Bib features an embroidered ‘mood’ for each day.
What I say: Unfortunately my box was missing this item. I was pretty bummed to say the least. I contacted customer service immediately and here was their reply:
Hi Michelle,
Thank you for writing us. We apologize for the missing Petites Frites bib! Unfortunately we don't have the bibs readily available to ship to you right away. However there is some good news :) We would love to send you a full size package of Icky Bibs as well as a mOmma sift spoon!!
Thanks again for your patience and we will ship your package first thing tomorrow morning! 
Their customer service has always been top notch. I'll post again when I receive my replacement items. The upgraded Bluum Toddler is definitely going to rival Ecocentric Mom, LaLaaLu and Citrus Lane. Stay tuned for my reviews of those boxes for the February!
Why haven't you signed up yet? Go get you some bluum!

Disclosure: I purchased this subscription and have received it for many months, BLUUM is not a sponsor of this post. The opinions expressed in this post are my own and may differ from yours. Links enclosed may contain affiliate links.


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    Sounds like a great service!!!

    Your newest follower,
    Marianne from Sandling All Day

  4. Sounds like some great products - my favorite is that sippigrip cup holder - my daughter loves to throw her cup - she just can't leave it in the cup holder in the stroller, car, or anywhere - it has to be tossed when she's'd love to be able to strap it down!

  5. What a cute idea, all these monthly boxes that are coming out now are just such a great way to try things.

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