Sunday, April 21, 2013

LaLaaLu: March Toddler KidBox Review

We are LOVING some LaLaaLu over here at The Nurse Mommy!!! I received my "Happy" box (March) and am SO excited to share what GOODIES I got! LaLaaLu works with so many great brands, definitely check out Paige's LaLaaLu March Baby KidBox review to see the goodies she received!

So what did I get in my LaLaaLu Toddler KidBox for March? Check it out!

TruKid Hero Stick 
What they say: Mom's Kiss in a Stick! TruKids Hero Stick is a natural soothing balm that protects and soothes skin irritations. Perfect for backpacks and purses, moms kiss in a stick will make boo-boos, bug bites, eczema and rashes feel better. Made with Balm of Gilead, Calendula and Plantain Leaf to protect while skin heals. There are no parabens, artificial colors or fragrances in this biodegradable formula.
What I say: We love some TruKid over here at The Nurse Mommy... We use their body wash- both Nugget and I- it's so citrus-y and yummy smelling! This product is no exception for some The Nurse Mommy love... this is going to be one of those for the kids AND for the mommy products. :) It has a slightly earthy smell, but I love that it's natural, only has plant based products in it. There is NO petroleum, and it doesn't leave that icky greasy feeling after you use it. What else? It's free of the icky stuff: NO parabens, phthalates, gluten or sulfates. Once again, TruKid is bringing another product to love!

Lazoo "Holes: A Coloring Book" 
(View how the book, Holes, works)
What they say: Lazoo is a quality-conscious lifestyle children's brand and media property emphasizing award-winning design, creativity, and play. Lazoo products embody the same core mission: to foster a child's creative process, encourage self-expression and empower the imagination.You’ve never seen a coloring book like this! Instead of coloring in the lines, you color inside the holes. Turn the page and like magic, flowers become butterflies, hats become cars, trees become tents, helicopters become balloons, and more!
What I say: This book is absolutely adorable. I love any books that create interaction with a child and helps togrow their imagination. These books are like little peek-a-boo surprises for the kiddos. Most importantly? Fun for the kids AND mommies and daddies alike. Spend some time with your little and give this book a read!
Funny Face Dried Cranberries
What they say: Funny Face Dried Cranberries proves that healthy eating can be FUN! These real fruit snacks are low in sugar and come in fun flavors like Rootin’ Tootin’ Raspberry, Choo Choo Cherry, Goofy Grape, and Freckle Face Strawberry. Parents and kids should check out our website and social media pages for funny videos, coloring pages, recipes for all ages, games, crafts, contests and more! Funny Face Goofy Dried Cranberries are available in a 5 ounce resealable package for anytime snacking, and a six-pack of single-serving packages perfect for lunch boxes.

What I say: Anytime we take typical kids snacks (fruit snacks) and make them healthy and fun for kids to eat, I'm a fan. The taste of these? Fantastic! My only concern is that they list "natural flavoring" in their ingredients list, but do not specify what. As a mom, I know these are definitely much healthier than those other fruit snacks and dried fruits out there, so I feel alright giving these to Miss Nugget!

Lansinoh Clean and Condition Baby Wipes 
What they say: Lansinoh® Clean & Condition™ Baby Wipes are soft and gentle on baby's delicate skin. They are strong and convenient with a pop-up dispenser. They are ideal for breastfed babies who need their diapers changed more often.
What I say: Pleasantly scented, thick and sturdy, and extremely soft, these wipes are promising. My only hang up is they have methylparaben and mineral oil in them. They are definitely a wipe that can clean up a huge mess without needing to use many.

eco-kids crayons 
What they say: Designed from rocks in our garden, eco-crayons™ are perfect for kids as they learn to manipulate items with their hands, and for the young at heart. They never loose their point because new angles are being created as you draw. These earthy colors are made using 25% bees wax and 75% fruit plant and vegetable extracts.
What I say: Well, Nugget is still in the "I guess I might try and see what this tastes like" phase, and all though crayola is non-toxic, I feel much better with her giving these a "sample". Though we try to avoid that and all. I love how the shape of these is organic and changes as you use them, as well as perfectly sized and shaped for tiny hands.

Jack N’ Jill Natural Toothpaste 
Jack N’ Jill Natural Toothpaste is Aussie made, completely safe to swallow and comes in five varieties of Certified Organic Flavors – Raspberry, Banana, Strawberry, Blueberry & Blackcurrant. It also has Certified Organic Calendula Jack N’ Jill also make earth friendly toothbrushes – the handle is made from 100% non gmo corn starch – biodegradable! Completely adorable. Even if we do say so ourselves….. It's safe to swallow, SLS free, mint free, preservative free, rich in Xylitol (40%).

So what do I think about the LaLaaLu March Toddler KidBox? Absolutely Love. This box is $35 on the monthly plan (but if you buy in advance, then you get discounted prices), but the amount of product is nearly $70! That's much more value than many of the other Subscription Boxes out there. I love subscription boxes, and LaLaaLu is most definitely going to stay on my "keep subscribing" list!!!

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  1. What a fun idea and great for kids to learn how to be Eco friendly! Love the Eco crayons!