Sunday, April 21, 2013


I was given the opportunity to review a new type of sleeper from Zipaboo. I have to say this thing is amazing. It may look a little different than what you’re used to, but let me tell you- it rocks. It is a very simple design that allows you change a diaper without having to take the baby almost completely out of the sleeper and basically wake them up. 

There are no buttons, or snaps, just one zipper. As you can see in the picture, you just unzip part of the sleeper. It’s fast easy and we have done it without waking Fallon up. It’s also very soft. I was actually surprised on how soft it really is.

Zipaboo has 5 different styles which they gave regular names to. I find that pretty cool and easy to remember which ones you like best. As you can see Saylor is my favorite. 

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Check out the video and you can see how easy this sleeper is.

One lucky winner will receive a Zipaboo of their own.
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IF you don’t win, or can't wait to get your hands on one of these awesome sleepers,  check out their site and order yours today.  This is a great gift idea for an upcoming baby shower. 

What is the most frustrating part of nighttime diaper changes for you? 

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  1. This is so adorable and convenient for nighttime changes! I need to get some of these. :)

  2. When my daughter was little I had bought a ton of zipper down pjs. Only to quickly realize I hated using them! There was no way I could change her without undressing her. This product sounds pretty cool.

  3. This is brilliant! So much easier than zipping down!

  4. The baby trying to roll away