Tuesday, April 16, 2013

One of my favorite companies: Campus Quilt Company!

Have I ever told you how much I love Campus Quilt. Why yes, yes I have. I told you how much I loved my first son’s personalized wee quilt. Now that I have baby boy #2, I knew I had to get another quilt for him. So he didn’t feel let down that my oldest has this super amazing piece of his childhood and he doesn’t. Campus Quilt agreed to send me another quilt in exchange for the ad placement I had on my blog. This time I left the colors and design mostly up to the fabulously creative artists at Campus Quilt, and I am not sure which quilt I love more. I feel very lucky and blessed to receive this. 

My oldest son’s quilt has been a staple conversation starter in my home, everyone adores it. I have had it now for well over two years, and it moved quite a few times with us, and I love it. It has all of my favorite clothing items for my little guy up till he was a year old. My newest little man is only three months old, so this quilt only has my favorites from his newborn time. Either way, they are both beautiful and I just know that these will be cherished items for me, that will be eventually given to my sons! 

If you are a look for a quilt or pillow to be made out of cherished clothing items, please contact Campus Quilt. They keep in touch with you every step of the way and you are never out of the loop. The customer service is TOP NOTCH!! 

Everyone that see's my quilts are blown away, and say it is a WONDERFUL idea. Well, what is stopping you?? Campus Quilt is waiting to make the quilt of your dreams! 


I received a quilt for ad placement on The Nurse Mommy. All opinions are completely my own, and your experience may differ.