Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Popar Toys Bugs 3d book!

Books are a huge thing in our home. We have read to my little man from the moment he was born, because I always wanted to pass on to him a love of reading. Now that he is just starting to be able to ACTUALLY read himself, it is even more enjoyable to him. Those are the reasons that I was very excited to review the Bugs 3d Book from Popar Toys. Not only is this a regular hard backed book, but it comes to life using your phone or other smart device!! 

“You are about to embark on an interactive exploration as tarantulas, scorpions, fireflies, lady bugs, centipedes, and grasshoppers leap from your pages to give you the adventure of a lifetime! This award winning 36 page, physical, hard cover book and its included interactive companion app are sure to both educate and entertain your child for hours. When the physical book is used in conjunction with a mobile/smart device, the seemingly ordinary pages come alive with 3D animated bugs, environments, read-alongs, and games to enhance learning.”

We originally had trouble downloading the app on my phone (I did not have data space- nothing to do with the app) so we only used this book like any other regular book. Trust me, my son adored this book exactly the way it is. HE EVEN took it to show and tell for his class. When I tell you that that is a huge deal- believe me. This is his one “special day” a month and he can spend weeks stewing on what he wants to take. He opted to take Bugs 3d from Popar Toys. Apparently, the book was a hit…I know it is for him. We have read the book many many times. MANY times lol. It is his favorite bedtime book now. It gives interesting facts about the insects covered in it, like did you know a scorpion mama carries her babies on her back? Hmmm, kinda gives you a new understanding and maybe just wee bit of a different take on the dreaded scorpion, doesn’t it? 

Now that we have the 3d portion of the book downloaded, I have to tell you, it makes it so much cooler. Using your phone, you pretty much “scan” the pages. When you do this, the insect you are looking at comes to life on your phone. You hear all the sounds and see the bug. You can even interact with the bug by swiping the screen. The 3d aspect actually reads a fact to you about the bug as well. Of course, in today’s age….kids expect things to be digital. They expect all screens to be touch screens- so of course my little man just adored this! He laughed and thought it was the coolest thing ever that the bugs “come to life!” 

I love this book so much, that this is now going to be my “go to” gift for birthdays and Christmas. Not all children love to read as much as mine, and I just think this is the perfect way to get them interested in reading! 

The instructions on how to use this book with your smart device are pretty self-explanatory. You just download the app, and go from there. Even me, who is definitely technologically impaired was able to figure it out in about five minutes, so if I can do it. Anyone can. 

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  1. I used to love pop up books as a child - the one that I remember most had an amazing pop up of a dragonfly in it (it was educational so was very detailed). x