Monday, May 20, 2013

Me4Kids: Cool it Buddy Reusable Soft Cold Pack for bumps, booboos and owies.

I had an opportunity to review a me4kidz Reusable soft cloth cold pack recently. me4kidz stands for medical emergencies for kids.

About the company: Me4kidz is is a family-owned & operated business, actually close by, based in Phoenix! One fantastic thing I love about this company is that all me4kidz products are manufactured & assembled in the USA (excluding the Little Buddy Wipes which are made in Israel). One thing I just learned when researching for this review is that all me4kidz products assembled by those with disabilities-  giving them the opportunity to feel a sense of need in the community, and
allows those that are unable to sustain typical employment an opportunity to earn money for themselves, increasing their independence.   I've had an opportunity to see something similar to this when I was on internships in graduate school and it's just one more thing that gives just one more bit of independence to those who rely on others for so much. Also, 10% of each purchase gives back to the disabled community. This will most definitely be a company I will continue to support.

 I am no newbie to this fun and great brand, as I have received many items in past subscription boxe. I got me4kidz Little Buddy Antibacterial Wipes in my Citrus Lane Box and keep them in the diaper bag; I also got a MediBuddy, First Aid Kit to go, that we actually keep in the glove box of our car.

 They have two versions of their "cool it buddy" cold packs, but I chose the cloth/reusable version. Though the instant ones are good for travel and emergency first aid kits, I like these for around the home and everyday bumps and bruises. Plus, I prefer reusable since we try to reduce waste as much as possible in our home. 

There are quite a few great things about the reusable cloth cold packs: 
• Soft cloth reusable ice pack
• Flexible in freezing temperatures 
• Non-toxic & BPA- free
• Adorable hand painted animal designs
• Sweet, inspirational background words for kids that can read

 They come in these absolutely charming six styles, though I might have to get a few more (like the frog, penguin and puppy)!!!

We received the little kitty one for Nugget, and cute it definitely is!

We have two cats, and as soon as Nugget saw this, she pointed at the kitty and said "LOLA!!!" which is the name of one of our cats. I immediately knew it was a winner!

Well, we also have two dogs (I've talked about them before). Last weekend, Nugget was outside playing with her toys while the dogs were roughhousing, which is typical. My husband was out there with her watching them. Well, she threw her ball across the yard and ran after it. And of course, you know where this story goes. The dogs were playing and didn't see Nugget behind them and knocked her over, face directly in the dirt/gravel. My husband brought her inside, upset because her lip was bleeding (which we know lips bleed SO much worse than they should). Anyhow, I already had the cool it buddy in the freezer to have on hand just for situations just as this.   

She liked it and didn't have any issue whatsoever about keeping it on her face and lip. She did end up  having a little fat lip for a few days, and it actually split her lip tie (YAY!). Though the bump was no fun, I'm grateful about the split lip tie, because that was something we were going to have to have surgically repaired with a dental razor.

Anyhow, she loves this thing. When I open up the freezer drawer (we have a bottom drawer type), she pulls it out and holds it on her head or face. It's TOO cute. She does some funny stuff. But at least, we know next time we need to hold a cold pack on a boo-boo, then she'll be more than willing to use her me4kidz Reusable Soft Cloth Cold Pack.

Also, they do have a "Cool it Buddy Instant Cold pack" that you can keep in your car, travel/camping or emergency first aid kit for those emergencies on the go, but I preferred a reusable one, since I don't like waste.

What are you waiting for? Hit up amazon and pick up a few of these for your freezer!

So, mamas, do you keep something like this on hand for those bumps, boo-boos, and emergencies? Do you use me4kidz products, too?

~Michelle xoxo

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  1. We always, always have one in the freezer, and they do unfortunately get used from time to time.

  2. Anything to make their boo boo's feel better is a great product and having a special cool it buddy pack would be great to have on hand for those unexpected falls or bumps. I like that they are flexible and reusable too.

  3. I love that these are soft and the perfect size for little hands. Also love that first aid kit to go! Went to the website... had no idea they carry these at Babies R Us. I'm there at least once a week! Will have to go look for these for sure!