Saturday, May 18, 2013

We love Lilliputiens Walter Acti-Dragon from HABA!!

If you are reading this, chances are you are a parent, if you are a parent, then you have heard of HABA. If you have heard of HABA, I am sure you know what a great company they are! I sure have, and my oldest son had many products we purchased from Haba throughout his life. When I was asked to review WalterActi-Dragon with my newest guy, I jumped at the chance. Littlest man is now at the age that he can play by himself for short bouts of time. He spends a little time on the floor play mat, or in his highchair while I am cooking. Walter Acti-Dragon has now become our favorite high chair toy. 

“Walter is an interactive rattle that stimulates little ones' hearing, sight and touch. His gentle sound and soft fabric construction is easy on parents' eardrums. Promotes development of the senses via different noises and materials (crinkle noise in the wings and forelegs, rattle in the hind legs, bell in the belly, squeaky in the muzzle). Also includes a mirror for exploration of self-reflection. “

Walter is just so cool! He offers all of the best baby toys in one. He crinkles (which has to be my little man’s favorite since he is constantly crinkling him) and even has a soft squeak! I have also caught little man staring at his own reflection in Walter, and that totally fascinates him. I have to tell you though, typing this out, I have a hard time referring to this toy as Walter. You see, my oldest son has adopted it as his own (and I often have to go searching for him for the baby) and has named him Mr. Green. It seems that since a Dragon is so close to a dinosaur, my oldest is in love with it too! Mr. Green-errr….Walter has been put to good use around our home. Seriously, two little boys that are using him in completely different ways: one who is using him for all of the sensory developments and the other as an imagination play toy. Lilliputiens totally knew what they were doing when they created Walter Acti-Dragon. This toy also makes me incredibly happy because it is not some insane noise maker that drives Mama crazy! Nope, it makes just enough noise to keep my 4 month old entertained, but is quiet enough that Mama can hear herself think!

I adore Lilliputiens Walter Acti-Dragon carried by HABA, and I am sure you would too. In fact the entire Lilliputiens is definitely worth checking out! HABA does a great job sharing really useful and interesting information on their facebook page.
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  1. Def going to check out this line. I think both my girls would like walter.

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  3. This is the first time i have heard of Haba, I'll have to check them out for my S.I.L.