Monday, June 17, 2013

Blessed in Homemaking's salves for insect bites, abrasions, and bruise!

Even though I am a nurse, I tend to think of treatments other than medication when it comes to my boys. I definitely believe in aromatherapy, and using different ingredients from nature instead of pharmaceuticals. This is where I differ from many nurses and health care professionals. I recently contacted Blessed in Homemaking to do a review of her salves. I have not seen too many companies selling salves in which the ingredients are certified as organic, but Alix from Blessed in Homemaking does! 

I received a three pack of her salves and they include:

Black Drawing Salve: “This salve is used for drawing out toxins, poisons, and impurities. It can be used to clean cuts and scrapes, and to soothe irritated skin. Apply to bug bites, wasp stings, etc. Activated charcoal has long been used as an anti-poison remedy, used internally and externally. It draws and binds poisons, taking them out of your body.”

All Natural Herbal Salve: “I made this salve for use on: bug bites/stings, rashes, cuts and scrapes, burns, bruises, and irritated or inflamed skin, or for use with massage. I use it often on myself and my family, and keep some with us wherever we go.”

Arnica Salve:

 “Arnica has traditionally been used to speed the healing of bruises, swelling, sprains, aches, and muscle soreness. It is antimicrobial and reduces inflammation.”

Being an active family (with two little boys) who lives in Florida, we have a LOT of use for all of these. We have already used all of these in the couple of weeks that we have had them!! My absolute favorite is probably the Black Drawing Salve. My oldest has been bitten by numerous mosquitos over the weekend and I used this on him. He told me that it really helped the itching go away! Very cool! I have also used to Arnica Salve on myself when I walked right into a table and immediately noticed a bruise appearing. This Salve helped ease the inflammation, and left me with a much more minimal bruise then I thought I would have! The All Natural Herbal Salve is also great. It helps with bug bites and stings as well, but I used it to apply to my youngest sons chapped, reddened cheeks. It seems very soothing and really helped to soften the skin. 

I just love all three of the salves provided to me by Blessed In Homemaking!! They all do their job well, and definitely keep my family from immediately grabbing the medicine! I definitely recommend you checking them out, and taking a look around her shop. You will find all kind of goodies such as lip balms, teething jewelry, natural wooden toys, capsules, tooth powders and even herbal bath supplies!! This is definitely my type of store! 

I will be offering a giveaway of a product from Blessed In Homemaking at the handmade even beginning in July. Be sure to check back then for your chance to win!

Disclosure: I received above listed item for my consideration while writing this review. The Nurse Mommy blog will always provide honest opinions, beliefs or experiences on products reviewed. We will only recommend products or services that we feel are of benefit to our readers. The information contained in this post is not to replace the advice of your medical professionals. Please speak with your physician or medical provider prior to taking any supplements. If you have any questions about this review please contact me at nursemommypaige at yahoo dot com.


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  1. I would love to try these. I've been experimenting with DIY creams, and have come to appreciate products like this. It would make a nice gift, for someone who appreciates organic!