Monday, June 17, 2013


My daughter Mya has wanted a Sodastream for a VERY long time. She was so happy when I told her that we were going to receive one for review. Sodastream graciously provided us with the machine, 2 1 liter bottles, and many flavors for us to try.

I found the machine easy to assemble. Once put together, all I had to do was put cold water in the bottle, carbonate it, then add the syrup. Like I said, super easy.

So far, every flavor we have tried has been awesome. We also received their water flavoring, only putting a few drops in the bottle. The definitely add a great flavor and make water drinking more fun. Personally, Orange is my favorite, but their version of Dr Pepper is awesome as well.  

We wanted to bring it with us on a cookout but it was a little too much to carry with the machine and all the bottles. It will be lots of fun to use when we have guests over.

One of the best features about Sodastream (besides the flavor of course) is that it is environmentally safe. You use less plastic/cans and in time depending on how much pop you drink, you can save money in the long run. You also have so any flavors to offer people rather than having cans/bottles taking up space in your fridge. 

Visit SodaStream or pick it up on Amazon
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  1. The Soda Stream is a pretty awesome appliance! I have one and you can do a lot of beverages with it, even wine.