Thursday, July 4, 2013

Cheeky Cloth AI2 Diapers are the perfect fit for my chunky monkey!

We love cloth diapers, and we love trying different brands. I was so excited the Cheeky Cloth agreed to do a review of their AI2 diaper. Cheeky Cloth makes fitted diapers, AI2 diapers, training pants, and soaker/doublers. We received the Red Hat diaper, which is a lovely Cat in the Hat print. I just love this ADORABLE unisex diaper. I like to mostly get unisex diapers because I **think** maybe I will try a girl sometime…and this is the perfect diaper for either. 

So let’s talk about the functionability of this diaper (even though I cannot get over how absolutely cute it is!) 

Fit: My little man is quickly becoming a chunker at 5 months old. He is somewhere around 18lbs, but unlike my first son his legs are not HUGE.Even at this size I do use the crossover snaps to achieve a nice fit. The snap down is perfect, and we have little man on the second set of snaps…so this diaper literally grows from 8-35lbs. It fits really well around his legs too, and we do not have to worry about leaks with this diaper, like we do with so many other brands. 


 “Diaper body consists of 3 layers: *Outside layer is 100% Cotton Knit fun and fashionable print fabric *Inside hidden layer of Bamboo Fleece *Inside layer of buttery soft Organic Bamboo Velour Snap-in Soaker: *Two layers of Organic Bamboo Velour *Two layers of Bamboo Fleece --The snap-in soaker is designed to be folded to have 8 thirsty layers Booster: For maximum absorbency lay your booster under the snap-in soaker and this adds another 4 layers of absorbency”

I think it is pretty clear reading this information taken for the etsy store that this diaper absorbs and absorbs well! I do change diapers frequently, but I can tell you, from what I see- it absorbs extremely well. These diapers do require a cover, but it is my experience that if you change diapers frequently enough, that you may not need a diaper at all. 

Comfort- Wow, is this soft. In fact, it is buttery soft, just like the description says. As far as softness goes- if my little man could talk I know he would tell you this was his favorite! 

Purchase- We just adore our diaper and I know you will too! The diapers retail from $21.50- $24.50. Training pants are $11.50.

Disclosure: I received above listed item for my consideration while writing this review. The Nurse Mommy blog will always provide honest opinions, beliefs or experiences on products reviewed. We will only recommend products or services that we feel are of benefit to our readers. If you have any questions about this review please contact me at nursemommypaige at yahoo dot com.

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