Friday, July 5, 2013

Moving, Painting, Need advice!

My family is moving into a much bigger house in a couple of weeks! Finally! Of course, we need to paint. What new place doesnt need some sprucing up? 

All of the walls in this great new home are currently white, except for one wall in the family room that is "old school" wood paneling. The room that the wood paneling is a large sized room,  (19x21) but it is so dark because the paneling and added dark stained wood beams on the ceiling. 

Does anyone have advice for colors? One color we are thinking of trying is a smoky blue, with an accent wall a few shades lighter. I know we will paint over the paneling, and am thinking of a lighter color since we need to really brighten and open up that room. 

Another thing about the room is that it has a pellet stove. I would appreciate any advice on how to approach that. Check out the picture of the big dark wall in the room. What do we do with this thing?!

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  1. Paint that wood panel wall. We did that in my sisters new home and it looks amazing! Looks like a way fun room though.