Friday, July 5, 2013

Crocodile, Alligator....Frog?!

Is the name of our newest pet! Gotta love how kids name animals lol My oldest little boy is obsessed with frogs, turtles and any other kind of slimy animals. But frogs are his absolute favorite.  We have 3 pet frogs that we bought at the pet store. We have a blue dumpy tree frog named Hopper and 2 fire bellied toads.  We were at my husband's parent's house celebrating the 4th yesterday when we found a tiny tree frog caught in the trap of the swimming pool. He was so tiny and cute. We decided to keep him and headed to Walmart to buy him a tank.  I all must think that I am nuts for letting him have another frog! But there are few things that really bring him a lot of joy and pet frogs happens to be one of them.  His frogs are his best friends. 
With his social struggles I am all for anything that helps him feel more secure. So now we have one more frog to buy crickets for!! I am just hoping the thing lives. Eli's room is resembling an amphibian exhibit now.  I think we may be able to start selling tickets for people to come and look at his frogs! 

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  1. So cute. I used to catch critters as a kid and keep them. The only rule was NO snakes. Love the name :)