Monday, July 8, 2013

Sweet Handmade Summer Event

 Are you excited!?

If you are not, you should be! 

We have so many wonderful things lined up for you to win!!

There will be a pampering gift set, a weighted blanket, a custom necklace, beautiful wall art, cloth diaper, a wetbag and cloth diaper, your choice of herbal medicine item, organic health, beauty and self-care items, custom handmade leather iPad cover, crochet stuffed animals, wooden toys, cute baby clothing, TONS of stuff! You guys need to keep checking back, as this event is going to be awesome!

I know that each and every one of us on The Nurse Mommy team are really excited to bring this event to you, and help you learn about more of the small businesses that provide wonderful, quality products.
Check out the Giveaways!!!

"Love is Home" Wall Art from MedBeach Stones: Ends 7/25
Little Bean Boutique Gift Cert: Ends 7/26
Kidz Can Design Custom Pendant: Ends 7/29
Simple Luxuries Pampering Kit: Ends 7/29
Mad Hippie Skin Care: Ends 7/30
Blessed in Homemaking: Ends 8/1
Handmade Weighted Blankets: Ends 8/2
Heart on your Sleeve Designs Jewelry: Ends 8/3


  1. Really!! This is so awesome! I will be checking in every day!!

    1. The event has started! Check it out! We're posting a brand new giveaway every single day for the rest of the month in addition to all our regular giveaways!!!