Monday, July 8, 2013

We must-ache you a question? Are you loving the mustachifier as much as we are?

mustachifier mustache pacifier

When my oldest was a baby, the rage was the buck teeth pacifiers, which I did not love. Why would I want to make my kid look THAT silly? Needless to say, I was thrilled to learn that rage for hipster babies is now the mustachifier aka mustache pacifier!!

Does my little man not look absolutely precious with his gentleman pacifier? He actually likes it, too! I was quite surprised; because, he usually will only take a Nuk paci, but I think he knows how cute he looks!
I think the mustachifier is the perfect unique baby gift. Imagine a themed mustache baby shower with a couple of these as decorations on a super cute diaper cake? Nobody could ever argue that that is not a cool baby gift!

By far, these are the most adorable mustache pacifiers I've seen. Better yet? They're made in the good ole' Brooklyn, USA. Check out these pictures of their whole line:

As seen above, The Gentleman.

mustachifier mustache pacifier

There will be an awesome giveaway on Facebook this week for your very own Mustachifier. Also, keep an eye out here on our blog for our very own mustache themed giveaway with LOTS of mustache love!!! 

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  1. Ok when I first read the summary email I thought no way! But once I went to the full post, goodness those are too cute! Wonder if they make lips ones for girls? Though my granddaughter isn't really into pacifiers I think that'd be cute :).

  2. Those are very funny! 40 years ago there wasn't any thing like this for babies.

    slehan at juno dot com