Saturday, November 2, 2013

DryBabe Absorbent Sleepwear for "Hot" Mamas

Let me tell you a story about my first weeks home with Nugget after she was born. I didn't know it at the time, but all the hormone cascades that occur following delivery cause you to sweat and just feel like a furnace. I was sweating, literally, like ALL the time! Did you know WHY?

Well, in human English speak (I know I go way too much into medical jargon), you have HUGE hormonal cascades and your hormones are all over the place. Firstly, your estrogen levels drop to below a menopausal woman's level following delivery. Then, your melatonin levels are off, most likely because you're waking every few hours to feel baby. Since you're not producing as much melatonin, your body is not having the typical few degree drop in temperature that we usually have while sleeping, making you more hot than normal.

Finally, and most importantly, Mom's sweat smells like amniotic fluid. This is why immediate skin to skin contact is SO important and also waiting to bathe babies until the next day is becoming more highly recommended and routine.

I found out about this company called Dry Babe, which is a line of nursing nightgowns, tanks, boy shorts and robes that come in multiple colors and are designed to help to wick away the moisture from the night sweats.

About Dry Babe:
The founder Wendy had night sweats for months before she thought there had to be a better way so she developed Dry Babe. Dry Babe is a newer company that provides woman who are having night sweats with state-of-the-art sleepwear that will help them sleep better. You won’t wake up feeling cold and clammy. Wendy originally only wanted to make a few things for herself, but she talked to other woman and realized that she wasn’t the only one having night sweats so she decided to build a company. The night gown is 80% cotton and 20% polyester. 

I didn't really get to select the item to that I was going to be reviewing; I received the wide strap nightgown in a purpley- raspberry color for review. I had an issue with nursing with the wide straps, as it wasn't as easy to be accessible to nurse in. However, it was quite comfortable for nighttime, didn't bunch up on me, and the polyester wasn't scratchy. Honestly, it almost felt like a lovely velour. :) You most definitely need to get yourself one!

So definitely check out DryBabe Absorbent Sleepwear! 

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  1. Wow, I never realized why I got so hot after I had the baby! Wish I knew then what I know now! But now (34 YEARS post-partum), I'm hot for different reason! OMG, I'm checking this out!!!! Where are hormones when you need them? Any blogger giving away a cup of estrogen?