Friday, November 1, 2013

Green Apple Supply Art Craft Kit

If you have entered our super awesome Pampering Prize Pack giveaway, then you know about Green Apple Supply. This phenomenal company is committed to making recycles things affordable, therefore making the these products easier to obtain for the general masses. This, in turn, makes the world a little healthier. This company strives to put passion over profit, and they are passionate about living green and reusing and recycling products. They offer everything from recycled arts and crafts supplies to phenomenal purses made from recycled materials. They even offer beads that are handcrafted from recycled paper, and let me tell you, they are BEAUTIFUL! What is even nicer: the price!!  These products have amazing prices. Prices that I have NOT seen in an eco-friendly online store before. 

So, when I talked to Green Apple Supply  I could not make up my mind which of the wonderful products I wanted to try, so I asked them to throw me together and arts and craft kit, since that is my favorite bonding time with my oldest. I have been so impressed by everything I received. 

Coccoina Glue Stick- This works fantastic and smells super yummy!! It can simply be removed by waters and it is non-toxic, so you know what your little ones is using is safe. $1.50 per tube. 

Eco Stars Recycled Crayons- fits perfectly into a childs hand while coloring, and is just like a normal crayon. They have simply melted down wasted crayons and refashioned them into these nifty stars. The note attached to this said that they were made by mentally handicapped people. This is a cause close to my own heart, because not only is this wonderful for the environment, but it has provided jobs to some who may not find other work! $4.25 for a box of 10. 

Faber-Castell Colored EcoPencils- The triangular shape helps little hands to grip this, and the wood used certified that it is renewable and has sustainable resources. They color very well with a thick bright line, and can be used in standard pencil sharpeners. $4.25 for a box of 24.

Faber-Castell Recycled Newsprint Art Paper Roll- My little man is forever stealing printer paper to draw pictures for us....ALL DAY LONG! This recycled roll is perfect because we can roll out the length he needs and allow him to draw until his hearts content, and spares our computer paper. It is pretty thick and perfect for marker, crayons or even some paints (ie finger paints). It is made from 50% recycled newspaper. $4.25 for a large roll.

glob- Paint- Six Color Packets- A little of this goes a LOOONG way. Simply add the powder to water and you have all natural paint. You can make your own paint to the constancy that you like, or even add the powders to homemade play doh or other things you would like to tint. I personally love it for pudding paint for my baby son, so he feels like he is painting with big brother. This way he can have fun, and mommy does not have to worry about harsh chemicals. This paint may stain. One packet includes colors: Lemon Verbena, Blueberry, Pomegranate, Tangerine, Plum Purple and Basil Green and is available for $8.50. 

CapriSun Terracycle Juice Pouch Pencil Case Medium- First off, for each pouch collected from school volunteers, Terracycle donates two cents to a charity. Along with that, they also divert the juice pouches from being sent to the landfill by making these cute pencil case pouches. They are simply adorable, and it is a wonderful thing knowing that you are contributing to less waste in the world, and that money is being donated to charity!! Only $2.50 PER pouch!

Jungle Vine Pencils- Probably my favorite product I received because they remind me of my Grandaddy sitting on his porch with his pocket knife "whittling" wood all day long. This is something I watched him do every time we visited and brings back nostalgic memories. My Mama loved the pencils so much she made me give her a few! They write beautifully (see photo) and look so cool in your container that holds writing materials. Perfect for a zen office theme! $2 for a set of 10!! 

What I want you to notice most about the product listed above are the prices. I do not usually post prices of the reviews I do, but I really think the prices at Green Apple Supple need to be noted! They carry phenomenal, eco-friendly products at VERY affordable prices. Seriously, you cannot find products this affordable in your big name stores, and you help save our environment!! I am in LOVE with Green Apple Supply and very thankful I have learned about them. They are now saved to my favorites menu on my toolbar, and should be on yours too! They make an excellent Christmas gifts for the eco-conscious friend on your list! Check them out on facebook, twitter, and pinterest to learn about the newest products they carry! 

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