Monday, March 31, 2014

Our Baby Nari Hip Hugger was a lifesaver at the Amusement Parks!

As much as I love baby carriers, my little guy is at the age that he no longer wants to be confined to a carrier, and is constantly wanting to be up and down. I have been very worried about how we would manage going to Animal Kingdom and Epcot this spring break, because he also no longer likes to be confined to a stroller either. This does not leave a mom with many options, but as I recently found out, one product would become a lifesaver to me!

The Baby Nari Carrier is one of the best inventions for a toddler! Seriously. This hip carrier is perfect because if my little man wants to be held in long lines (quite often) then I have a resting spot for him. He is still getting the comfort of being in mommies arms, but carrying him is so much easier. Let me tell you, the amusement parks over spring break were BUSY!! It was very important to hold him (and getting a stroller through those crowds was a nightmare) so the Baby Nari was used a ton on both days, and I love it. I also had tons of moms stop me and ask about it, they were totally fascinated with the Baby Nari. Of course they were, if I saw someone with this in those brutally long lines as I was holding my 25lb chunker, I would have been totally jealous!

Lets talk functionality. Not only is is perfect for carrying toddlers, or even infants (the Baby Nari is perfect for babies 4 months (or sitting independently)-36 months, but it also comes with a pouch that attaches to the carrier which is perfect for medicines, band-aids, or other things you may need wherever you are! There is a built in zipper which is great for identification, cash, or debit cards. All around this hip hugger is perfectly thought out and designed. There is the added ECO-plus portion that you can purchase separately that makes the Baby Nari Hip Hugger more like traditional carriers. It just gives a little added support. As mentioned before, my son is not into being confined right now, so this was not an option we used, but I can see where it would be perfect for slightly younger kids. I did bring it with me in case he decided he needed a nap at the park, but he did not.

I might not have felt like a fashionista when I was NOT carrying him (after all- it looks much like a fanny pack) but it made my life 10xs easier when I WAS carrying him. The carrier is also so easy to take off that when I was not carrying my son, I simply took it off and hung it from the stroller. Easy peasy!

I HIGHLY recommend the Baby Nari Hip Hugger to my friends. Seriously, this is not my go to shower present!! THIS WEEK we will be giving away on Baby Nari Hip Hugger Eco Plus to a lucky winner! Check back at the end of the week to be entered to win!

You can purchase the Baby Nari for $79.99. Follow Baby Nari on Facebook for the latest news.

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