Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Kohl's Back To School Clothes

I know this comes at no surprise to anyone, but i’m still going to say it. Kids grow way too fast. I swear they need new clothes every few months. It’s back to school time so of course along with thousands of other parents, we went clothes shopping. Luckily I had Kohl's to back me up. We were given a $100 gift card to buy some back to school clothes. To say Mya was thrilled was an understatement.

At first Mya didn’t know how much the gift card was worth, only that she was getting some new back to school clothes. When I told her that ALL $100 was for her, she was shocked and so thankful.

We don’t have a Kohl's in our town, but we do have one about 45 minutes away so it’s not a long drive. I probably should have just taken Mya along and not my 2 year old, but lesson learned and no baby sitter available so, we do what we gotta do.

The first thing Mya wanted was a dress. I had to quickly remind her that this was for school, not a school dance or church. The other thing I had to talk to her about was pants. The last two years she has not wanted to wear jeans. All she wore were leggings (under skirts or dresses) or lounge/sweat pants. We discussed how she is now going into the 6th grade and sweat pants are just not appropriate anymore and jeans were going to be a staple. She is growing into a lady and needs to start dressing like one. It took her awhile but she finally came around (thank God!)

After trying on what seemed like a million different pairs of pants, she FINALLY decided on 2 pairs of darker jeans. She looks really good in jeans so I don’t understand why she doesn’t like to wear them. Hopefully now that she founds ones that fit really well she will learn that jeans are great.

Kohl's has such a huge selection to choose from when it comes to shirts. So many great brands from Disney to Jennifer Lopez to even Juicy Couture. Sometimes prices can be a little high but it really depends on the brand. Usually Kohls has great coupons and sales. So if you watch you can really get a good deal.

Then we were onto shirts. What she ended up picking out kind of surprised me as she really is into the very girly shirts. When I say girly, I mean sparkles, lace and so on. She ended up picking out sports type shirts. I wasn’t so sure at first but the cuts were really good and it didn’t make it look like she was going to go out and play outside.

My favorite one out of the 4 shirts she got was the brewers t-shirt. It is V-neck so it flatters her more than a regular “boys” t-shirt would. I love the other 2 shirts she got, but there is something about a simple great t-shirt that I just love (I know i’m weird). Another shirt she got is a really cute green one that says Run and be Happy. This totally fits Mya's personality since she is always on the go and usually is very happy. I love the green on her, it really brings out her dark complexion.

2 other shirts she got was a Wisconsin Badgers t-shirt and a Wisconsin Badgers long sleeve shirt. I’m really glad she got a long sleeve since we live in WI and our summers are short and winters are way too long. Since the shirts she got are licensed sports apparel they tend to run a little higher priced than a normal shirt. With their sales we still got each shirt for around $15 which is really good.  

In all Mya got 2 pairs of jeans and 4 shirts and the total ended up being $105! Not bad at all in my mind. I think she did a great job of picking clothes out that she is comfortable wearing. When you go clothes shopping, make sure you stop by Kohl's to check out the great deals they have.

Just to be fun, i’m posting one of the pictures that I could have deleted while we were taking pictures of all the clothes, but that wouldn’t have been any fun. My husband and my best friend Dan were having a little fun with Mya as she was modeling.
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  1. I haven't been going to Kohls because there wasn't one close by. Now there is one down the road a little ways. I will have to check them out. School shopping is so fun!!!! Rita Spratlen