Friday, November 14, 2014

That Time My Pee Was Green

I’m going to start this out saying that yes this is a big unconventional, BUT it really did happen and I thought I would share with you. Who knows, maybe you will get a good laugh out of it. This is about the time my pee was green. When I say green, i don’t mean a off shade but more of a emerald green. I am not sharing an actual picture of my pee (you are welcome)

So, here is a semi short and to the point back story. I wasn’t feeling well for a few days. I go and use the bathroom and it’s green. I didn’t really think anything of it until it was that way a few times. I texted my husband asking if he had put something in the toilet, nope, nothing. Ok, weird. So I do what any mother would do… I made my daughter use that same bathroom to see what her pee looked like. As most people would be, she found it strange when I asked her what color it was. We ruled out everyone in the house and it came down to me, myself and I were the problem. I definitely had green pee.

My first thought, WTH?!? How is my pee green, this definitely can’t be “normal” can it? Am I turning into the Hulk? (I have to admit that would be kind of cool and fun)So being a child raised on the internet, I went to Dr Google. I was able to cross off everything I read, no foods, medications or anything that would cause GREEN pee!

Fine, I’ll go to the dr since, well I felt like death anyway. Dr was like, umm yea, you definitely have green pee (this was after I provided a very colorful sample). She was very concerned something weird was going on plus I was really sick so with a whole bunch of symptoms I was admitted to the hospital (green pee alone wouldn’t have had me admitted). I texted my husband, and in true guy fashion I this as a reply (see screenshot). I have to admit, THAT was funny.

So after a few days in the hospital (turns out I have POTS, see my post on that if you want to learn) and probably a few thousand dollars in urine tests, what was the problem with my pee?…. NOTHING, it was completely normal. They had no clue as to why it was green.

Moral of this story… Nothing except it ain’t easy peeing green!

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Disclosure: No compensation was received by this post. I really just thought it was too funny NOT to share.

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