Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Get Your Best Skin Ever with Micheal Todd Soniclear Brush!

A few years ago I fell in love with a product when I splurged and went for a facial. My mom and I were both convinced that this product is what "made" the facial, and we were both in awe of how amazing our skin felt! We decided in that moment that we would be purchasing this miracle product- the Micheal Todd Soniclear Brush! However, finances got in the way, and we both ended up with generic brushes that supposedly do the same thing as the Soniclear, but in the end, just left us disappointed! The others brushes had hard bristles that left my face red and irritated. It didn't have custom speed settings, and certainly did not have antimicrobial bushes! What a bummer those other brushes were!

Now that I am lucky enough to have received a Soniclear brush for review, I will tell you, SAVE your money on those generic brushes! There just is NO COMPARISION! The Soniclear has custom settings for your face and body depending on if you have sensitive skin or not. It lets your know when its time to move on to another quadrant of your face with beeps and shuts off after a minute, so you do not overdue the exfoliation of your face and hurt yourself. Selecting Speeds: soniclear provides a choice of 6 speeds: 3 facial brush speeds and 3 body brush speeds. The handle recognizes which Brush Head (face or body) is attached and automatically adjusts the speed choices based on the Brush Head used. Tip: Should the Handle on occasion fail to “recognize” the Brush Head and change speed, shut the unit off and turn it back on which should correct the problem.

The bristles are nice and soft, but work amazingly well. At 33, I can tell you, my face feels softer than it ever has! I am absolutely in love with this product and stand behind it completely. While you can buy the generic brushes for cheaper, they do not even begin to compare. If at all possible, save your money and purchase the Soniclear! Hey, Mother's Day is around the corner, and this would be the perfect gift to add to your list. 

Save!! By using the links in this posting, you will automatically save 20% off any purchase at Soniclear! They offer amazing skin care products too that I was lucky enough to try out samples of, that are the perfect addition to your face after using the brush!

I found this video useful to show exactly how to use the brush and provided important tips:

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