Tuesday, February 17, 2015

My Breast Cancer Journey

Have you sat in a dr’s office and heard the words “you have breast cancer?” What is your next step? Do you get a second opinion, do you take your dr’s recommendation for treatment? My next question is very important. Do you understand what your cancer is and what is happening to your body and how you can survive? Willowglade Technologies has come up with “My Breast Cancer Journey app”. Simply put, it brings information to patients about their breast cancer that they may not normally get.

I have people in my family that are breast cancer survivors and a couple that are in their journey right now battling cancer. This app is amazing (oh and FREE by the way). It helps you step by step. When I mentioned it to a friend that is a survivor, she wished it was out when she was going through everything. She said the dr’s told her what tests they were going to do and what the treatment was but that’s where it stopped. She said she was so overwhelmed and didn't know where to start. Just a simple google search brought up a crazy amount of information.

Just a few weeks ago (Jan, 2015) a study was done at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston. They surveyed 500 women, all who had breast cancer to see how much they knew about their own type of cancer. They asked questions like what stage, cancer sub-type, grade etc. “Overall, 32 percent to 82 percent reported that they knew each of the tumor characteristics that they were asked about, while only 20 percent to 58 percent actually reported these characteristics correctly.” When I personally read this, I saw a low number. In my mind it should be so much higher. Dana-Farber Cancer Institute also found that Hispanic women are less likely to know their cancer. I am in agreement with that. In my past life I was a medical Spanish interpreter and I know that most Hispanic women didn’t ask questions. This wasn’t just for cancer but in the medical world as a whole. They listened to what the dr said, took their advice and that is it. If they needed medication they took it. I wished they would have asked more questions.

I personally think that My Breast Cancer Journey App is a fantastic way to get the information you really need. Information is knowledge and knowledge is power. I’m speaking in cliches but it’s so true. I think the more that we know the better we can do. That’s how it is with support especially with medical conditions. If we know what is happening with our bodies, we can do so much more and fight it so much faster and harder. In this app you can put what your exact diagnosis is, what tests you need. It then takes that information and gives you exactly what you need. It gives you info if you are having a partial mastectomy and what goes on. It truly is fantastic. Willowglade not only took a look at the patients needs but also their support teams and built an app for them as well. So you can invite friends to join you on the journey and you all have the information.

I can see companies charging for these apps but Willowglade doesn’t. They are making it free which really tells me that they want what is best for the patient, and wants to help them to the best of their abilities. John Papandrea says it more eloquently than I do
“The data and analysis recently published in Cancer, a peer-reviewed journal of the American Cancer Society, illustrates the need to dramatically improve the quality and effectiveness of education for breast cancer patients supporting their diagnosis and treatment” said John Papandrea, CEO and President of Willowglade Technologies. “By providing our free solutions across various mobile platforms we can optimize the reach of our solutions, and help patients directly access the information and management tools they need. Our solutions are all about helping produce better patient outcomes.”

Luckily My Breast Cancer Journey app is available on itunes and also on Google Play. It is super easy to register and easy to use. I really encourage you to download this yourself if you are a breast cancer patient, or download the support app so you can help friends and family. I would also like to point out that there will be a Spanish version of the app coming out in a few months, which I personally think is awesome. I think it will reach so many more people then.

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  1. WOW! Thanks so much for the Fantastic Review on My Breast Cancer Journey! This is truly a wonderful site for people who are dealing with Breast Cancer! My Aunt (my Mother's sister) just went through and finished with her Chemotherapy treatments for Breast Cancer! Thank God she is in remission. I never really heard too much from what type, stage, or anything more about it, other than the fact that she had it and was getting treated! I just had my yearly exam and mammogram and (knock wood) everything was fine! I was impressed by the fact that the hospital where I go for my mammogram now has a 3D mammogram! They said that this will enable them to pick up any kind of abnormalities in the very early stages and will save more lives that way! Boy, I was glad to hear that one! Anyway, This app is really wonderful! I do so hope that many people take advantage of this free service! Thanks for the fantastic review and all the information which you provided us about this site! I honestly do appreciate it! Thanks again, Michele :)