Tuesday, March 17, 2015

ReciFoto, amazing recipe app

I have been trying to cook more and more so I am collecting recipes. I usually have the recipes saved in a bookmark folder or on pinterest. By the time I want to make the dish, I have already forgotten where I stored it. ReciFoto recently asked me to try their app. It solves the problem of finding your recipes.

I have used recipe apps before, but some of them require you to take a pic of the food, and then enter in all the ingredients and instructions. I really don’t have time for that at all. What’s great about ReciFoto, is that you just have to take a pic of the recipe card, magazine, or a screenshot . You then upload it and save.

ReciFoto uses an instagram type feel to its main recipe page. You can still search for categories or main ingredients like chicken. It will bring up all recipes that have chicken in it and you can choose from there.

You never know how much some apps will cost, some are free, some 0.99, and up. RefiFoto is FREE for both apple phones/ipad and android phones. There is an option in the app to purchase a feature to save others’ recipes to your collection for only $0.99. 99 cents isn’t a bad in app purchase especially if you know you will be using that feature a lot.

Other great features:

  • Share recipes via e mail, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, Tumblr and more
  • You can like recipes
  • You can comment on recipes
  • You can follow users whose recipes you like
  • You can add a profile picture and short bio
  • Your recipes are stored in the cloud
  • Great for putting your family’s heirloom recipes in the cloud
  • Save the piles of recipes you've torn from magazines and newspapers by taking a photo of them
  • You can make your recipes public or private. Private recipes don’t appear in the feed of 100 most recent recipes
  • Your recipes are available as a scroll of photos or pick them from a list
  • You can make the recipe’s title a hyperlink to a blog or website. Instead of posting the recipe on the app, post a picture of the finished dish, and enter the URL into the designated area to drive user traffic to your site.
  • Adding a hashtag (#) in the title next to a keyword (i.e. #dessert) makes it searchable by that hashtag
  • Search function helps you find recipes

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  1. Great find, I'll have to check this one out!

  2. Thanks so very much for the Fantastic Review on ReciFoto, amazing recipe app! This sounds like a terrific App to store your recipes! I do not have a cell phone like most people where I can take pictures and enter apps on it! However, for the majority of people who have these type cell phones, this App is a terrific App to have! I've seen an awful lot of recipes online that I want to try and I save them on my "email" page. Whenever we can get our printer fixed, I will print them all out to have on hand! I have a recipe box which is separated into specific categories and I can easily find the recipe I am searching for! Thanks so much for sharing your fantastic review and all the information on ReciFoto, amazing recipe app with all of us! I truly do appreciate it! Thanks again! Michele :)

  3. Hi Michele, you can also use the web version available at!