Friday, April 10, 2015

Repurpose Tableware

While I do not consider myself the most "crunchy" mom around, I do try to make small steps that protect the environment, so when I heard about Repurpose Tableware I was anxious to try it. We do not normally use paper plates and cups, but on special occasions we do, to make the clean up easier. Repurpose is the perfect tableware to use during these times for many reasons:
  • It is widely available in stores and online
  • The cutlery is REALLY hard to break- trust me, I tried!
  • The Hot Cups have eco-insulation so it really keeps your hot drink, hot- for quite a while!
  • Uses Soy-Based ink
  • 100% Compatible in 90 days (in an industry compstor)
  • Contain only Corn, Sugar and Bamboo
  • Exclusively made from plants,
  • BPA, Chlorine, and Petroleum Free
  • No styrofoam
  • Can withstand 200 Fahrenheit temps
  • Uses Less Fossil Prints to produce
It is also affordable and not priced any higher than traditional tableware! I really had a chance to try this tableware out over Easter dinner and I am very impressed with it! The cutlery is STRONG, and the plates are as well. In fact, I used one plate and reheated it several times, and it stayed strong and did not sag after the multiple uses.  I especially love the hot cups! They are perfect for my morning cup of coffee, and I do not have to worry about bringing that perky coffee cup back inside, or risk your car stinking of coffee the next day!

Overall, I have been very impressed with Repurpose Tableware. I love the price, the quality, and the eco-consciouness of the company.

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  1. NO BPA, Chlorine, and Petroleum Free I love these because I would not be afraid to serve my family on them.

  2. These are great--NO BPA, Chlorine, and Petroleum free-- so many product that have been out there for years, we are now finding out that it really causes problems in the future. Good to see great products,with no after effects

  3. These I would buy! We don't use a lot of paper plates or utensils either, but when we do go on picnics, or on trips, they are wonderful! I will look for these, Thanks!

  4. It's so encouraging to see companies creating products with less impact on the environment. Are these plates ect. compostable in a backyard compost bin?

  5. I like this product. I like that they are eco friendly.