Monday, May 25, 2015

Great Organic Snacks from YumEarth

My 2 year old (almost 3) is obsessed with candy. If we keep everything out of her sight we are usually ok, but she knows to ask. I don’t like this as I don’t think she should have much candy let alone that much sugar/processed food. I was given an opportunity to try out YumEarth Organics. A few of my friends had talked about them and always love them, so I really wanted to try it out. It was a good thing Fallon wasn’t around when the box came or she would have wanted to dig in right away.

What do you think when you see that a candy is certified organic, no artificial dyes, tree nut free, real fruit extracts, 100% natural flavors, 100% vegan, gluten free, peanut free, soy free, dairy free and fat free? Do you think, well what else is left, and how can it still taste good? That was my first thought too, as I have a sweet tooth, just not as bad as my youngest.

I figured I would start out with the Organic Pops, seemed like a good place. Watermelon is a favorite flavor of mine, so I tried it with an open mind. Yes it tasted different than a full of sugar and full of chemical sucker that i’m used to, BUT it was so good. I could see right away what my friends were talking about. This is not just for kids, I think I ended up liking it more than my kids, which says a lot and  is fine by me. They do love them, so I do have to share. The pops come in Pomegranate pucker, we-face watermelon, strawberry smash, googly grape, very very cherry, perfectly peach, razzmatazz berry and mango tango. All of which are in their assorted bags. for $7.99 you can get a bag of aprox 40+ organic pops. That is not a bad price at all. What is also great is that each pop is only 22 calories, so I don’t have to feel guilty if I eat a few in a row (hangs head a little as I have done it a few times).

YumEarth’s gummy bears are a little too addicting and I’m so glad that they sent us two bags of them because they are really that good. A family size bag has about 10 or so little bags of the gummy bears in them. Pretty much like a fruit snack size.  There are an assortment of flavors in each little bag of pomegranate pucker, mango tango, perfectly peach, and strawberry smash. We take these everywhere as they are a perfect snack for on the go while in the car, the library or even church (can’t forget about snacks in church for the little ones). For adults watching calories, don’t worry, they have less than 70 calories in each bag, so you are good!

If you are looking for more of the classic flavors, you can count on their fruit snacks. They have an assortment of banana, cherry, peach and strawberry. Each flavor is shown by their shape. I think my favorite is the orange.These are so good that you wouldn’t think that they a healthier snack option! Again each bag is less than 70 calories so for the adults that are counting calories, it will be perfect and you don’t have to worry about your kids either, although I never count calories for my children. .

What child doesn’t like gummy worms? I mean they are amazing aren’t they? YumEarth has a bag of gummyworms that are amazing. They don’t have them in portioned off bags, at least not that I saw. That’s the bag part, because you can easily sit down and eat the entire bag of them without really noticing. The flavors they have are pomegranate pucker, sour apple tart (my favorite), mango tango, and perfectly peach. It’s really hard to say not to these, and they are perfect for baking the dirt cakes with.

I saved my favorite for last, and I mean for real! Yum Earth’s sour beans are so good. I only wish that more than 10 baggies came in the bag so I don’t have to order as many at a time, but oh well. It’s a great excuse to buy more. I honestly am not sure what the favors are in each baggy but they are a little sour (hence the name) but sweet at the same time. My youngest loves these as well.

Both my kids love all the snacks we were sent, so I know I will be ordering more and also looking for them. If i’m in a pinch and want some right away I know I can find them at Walgreen’s.  I highly suggest you check YumEarth out and see all their choices. Also if ordering online and you order more than $39 worth you get free shipping otherwise it’s only $2.99 for shipping at $25.

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  1. I have still not tried these. I really need to find them. I just have yet to see them.

  2. Such cute kiddies. :) I had never heard about these until today. Sounds like a PERFECT it for your family. Thanks for the feedback. Hana