Saturday, June 13, 2015

Simply Aroma Essential Oils

I love, love, love trying out new oils and sharing new companies . One of the new companies I have recently learned about is Simply Aroma. They are a company I had not heard of before, but am I ever glad I have. I was also so glad when they agreed to send me a variety of their oils to test out.

A few of the oils I was sent, I already have, but this is a great way for me to really compare to the ones I already have. Plus, In my house, you can never really have too much Lavender or Peppermint. We use that so often that I like to keep a good stock of it. Pretty much every night we have Lavender or a blend of Lavender and Peppermint being diffused, especially in my youngest’s room. It helps her sleep, and when it comes to a two year old sleeping, I’m all for it.  

My oldest is 12 and like most 12 year old has acne so she uses specific soaps to help her with that problem. She was out of her normal products, so I picked up something at the drugstore that would tie her over. No, I regret that as she started having a bad reaction to it, specifically around her mouth. She said it really hurt and itched. Right away I wanted to get some oils on it to help. So, I took out my Simply aroma oils and decided to make a Tea Tree and Lavender blend. I have used Tea Tree for years and it’s amazing. Some oils will start working right away, some will take a bit and it also depends on the person and the problem. For Mya the blend (mixed with coconut oil) didn’t work immediately so I decided to give her a dose of benadryl. Giving the one dose helped a little and worked to ease the pain a little until the oils really started. After that initial dose, I didn't need to give her another one. Every few hours I had her apply a little onto her face. After a few days it started really clearing up. I made the blend in a little lip gloss type container. That way it would be easy for her to take it with her.

Lavender and Tea Tree Rash Blend

Container- anything small will work, old pill bottle, lip balm container etc
Simply Aroma Tea Tree Oil
Simply Aroma Lavender Essential Oil
Coconut oil


Fill container about ¾ with coconut oil
add a few drops of Tea Tree Oil and Lavender Oil
Stir (coconut oil will soften allowing you to stir together)
Place cover and let the blend settle and harden again
apply to skin as needed

You may need to place in the fridge every once in awhile to harden. I have noticed that the coconut will melt at times. You only need it in the fridge for a few minutes. Doesn’t take long at all.

When I think of lemon, I think of lemonade or cooking. I really don’t think of cleaning or many health benefits except for putting a slice in my ice water. Lemon is a great way to clean without using a ton of harsh chemicals. To take cleaning one step further, add some tea tree oil in and it’s amazing

Spray bottle
40 drops lemon
20 drops tea tree
16 oz water
You can even add just a little bit of white vinegar too.

This blend will help you clean things like a shower, countertop, sink etc. It works so well.


Oregano is one oil that I have yet to use topically (always use a carrier oil like coconut, baby oil etc). I usually use it in a diffuser especially when I have a cold. It really helps the respiratory system.

a few drops of Oregano

I usually use this at night when i’m sleeping so that I get everything I can. Otherwise i’m moving around the house and not getting all the benefits.

Wild Orange

Wild Orange was a new oil for me to try out, so that was/is always exciting. A lot of people use Wild Orange as an digestive helper as well as for cleaning. Since I have a lot of oils that help with cleaning, I really wanted to focus on helping my digestive system. I had WLS almost five years ago, so I have issues from time to time (ok for me it’s most of the time).  Always use a carrier oil when applying this on your skin as I have learned that it can make you a little photosensitive.


Eucalyptus is an amazing oil especially when it comes wounds. When I say wounds I mean like a cut, burn or an abrasion. As always use a carrier oil. some people do not react well to straight oils and it’s worth being careful and using a carrier.

Coconut Oil
1 drop Eucalyptus Oil

put both on the wound carefully then cover with a bandage.

Overall I am extremely impressed with Simply Aroma’s oils. The quality is fantastic. Oils can get very very expensive, but Simply Aroma makes them so they are affordable for people. You can buy as single oils, blends packages or a combination thereof. They also have great accessories like diffusers and even lotions. I would definitely check them out. If you want you can even have a Simply Aroma party in your own home. If you are interested, take a look on how you can become a hostess.

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  1. You know, someone recommended essential oils to me because I suffer from really bad sinus headaches. I keep meaning to give them a try, but kept forgetting. Thanks for the reminder. I need to get on this...

    1. Shauna, I'm a fellow headache/migraine sufferer who's become an oils convert for pain relief! Goody powders used to be the only thing, if anything, that gave me relief. Now I use a peppermint and lavender blend on my temples and behind my ears that takes care of almost everything, for the more intense migraines I take a drop of Frankincense on my thumb and place it to the roof of my mouth for instant relief. I'm with Simply Aroma and we will also be debuting a headache blend called Prevail next month that I'm excited to try!

  2. I can def. see a difference between the before and after pics. I think the essential oils sound so interesting and so diverse!

  3. I have been seeing these oils written up every where! I did not know they could help for so many different things!

  4. I've never tried any oils but do see them mentioned often. I've heard tea tree oil is even food for things like toenail fungus.

  5. That is really cool that there is such a big difference. I want to learn more about oils because I see so many people raving about them, especially as natural solutions.

  6. Simply Aroma oils are amazing. I couldn't be happier with this company