Thursday, March 3, 2016

Get the Prenatal Vitamins you need from AZ Health Services

I had gastric bypass in 2010, and for the past five years vitamins have been a must-have in my life. Since moving to Arizona I have found this amazing site that helps women by providing a free 100-day supply of multivitamins for women ages 18-45. It’s from the Arizona Department of Health Services. They know their stuff and want to help you!

When in doubt, you can always call your doctor and discuss which vitamins to take and the correct dosage.

If you aren’t really sure what vitamin is what and how they help you, the site has a great list that shows you what, why and how they can help you. For example, folic acid (VERY VERY IMPORTANT) “makes your hair shine, nails grow, and skin glow. Helps prevent painful brain and spinal birth defects that may form in a developing fetus before you even know you are pregnant. Since 50% of pregnancies are unplanned, start taking it now.”  If a multivitamin is not your thing, then you can also find folic acid in dried beans and other legumes, leafy green vegetables, asparagus, oranges and other citrus fruits, and poultry; fortified or enriched bread, pasta, and cereals. Most people would still benefit from taking a vitamin with 400 mcg folic acid to make sure you are always getting the right amount that you need.

Before I was pregnant with my youngest, I didn’t really think of taking folic acid before pregnancy, I only knew to take it during my pregnancy. It makes sense to take it beforehand. If you do that, you are preparing your body in the event you do become pregnant, especially since women often don’t know they’re pregnant for several weeks.

Power Me A2Z is a one-stop shop to help you understand so much… from vitamins to information on vaccinations, postpartum depression (please, take this seriously) and even information on which medications are ok to take during pregnancy. The information doesn’t stop once you have the baby; they also have helpful information for moms on healthy fruits and vegetables, family health and so much more.

One of the things I absolutely love is that they want to give Arizona women a 100-day supply (yes 100!) of vitamins with 400 mcg folic acid. Just go to their site, take a quick quiz and enter in your information to receive the vitamins and you are done. I think this is such a great idea, and a great way to help women of a wide array of ages.

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  1. I actually like taking prenatal vitamins, still to this day. Even though I am not pregnant. I feel like they help me with my nails and hair.