Friday, March 4, 2016

Potty Training Help From CVS Training Pants

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of CVS Training Pants.

My youngest is three years old. She was/is the harder one to potty train than my oldest. Mya was potty trained in what feels like a couple days. Fallon on the other hand is taking forever. While we are out of diapers and training pants during the day, she still needs them at night and on long car trips. CVS training pants has become a lifesaver for us.

We travel a lot on weekends and living in the desert sometimes there aren’t many places to stop and go potty. I’m usually very good about packing her backpack for these trips but once I didn’t. About an hour into the trip she had to go potty, and like all three year olds, she had to go bad and then. I was so happy to see a CVS was ahead knowing she could go there AND I could get a package of training pants. Talk about a huge sigh of relief. Oh and we made it in time too (even more of a “whew”).

Most people don’t think of going to CVS for anything other than the pharmacy or cold/flu meds. Let me tell you, you are missing out. You can get great deals, like these training pants for example. You can get a size 3T-4T (32-40lb) package for under $20. That comes out to 0.38 per diaper!!!! I say that’s a deal, and when i’m on the road I want a pack that is the perfect size and not a huge case.

When I say that I love how they fit, I really mean that I love that Fallon loves how they fit. The sites of the training pants can be refastened. This is really important as kids can take them off if needed when using the bathroom, and parents don’t have to worry about needing a new one every time. When the little ones are getting good at using the potty, we don’t have to change them as often.

The other part that is really good, is more for the working on potty training kids. That is a wetness indicator. This helps the parents know right away that they will need a new one maybe even before the child knows.

If you are getting ready to do some potty training, I recommend that you check out CVS and their training pants. You can always order from their site as well, and have some even better deals at times. Like I said we use them on long trips and still at night and love them. Oh and NO leaks at night either (yay!!!).

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  1. you sound like my kid my son dion was trian before he hit 1 then darren he was subttorn he waited till 2 then when twin and baby ccmae i had 3 in diaper at one time and then i try the pullup on the twin my duaghter would say sissy need diaper to so you get used to the pull up and they are handy i watch kid and tell there parent getteh pull up and then we get the kid trian

  2. I love when diapers and training pants have wetness indicators, such a small detail but a huuuge help

  3. While I have to admit that I am not a huge fan of their training pants, I love CVS's diapers! Not liking their trainers has nothing really to do with quality, just fit. My 2 youngest have huge hips and these are designed very slim, they are just way too tight (4T-5T even). But their diapers fit perfectly, are super soft and absorbent, and are scent-free (huge plus in my book, especially for sensitive skin)! :)