Thursday, March 24, 2016

Raising an Athlete with Just a Kid and Powerade

I played sports from when I was in 3rd grade, until my junior year of high school. I love my that oldest daughter followed in my footsteps and is playing basketball. We always keep a drink in the house like Powerade. It’s perfect for on the go, when we aren’t feeling well and of course when we are playing sports.

Like I said before, Powerade is one of our go to drinks especially when playing sports. It’s so important that athletes get that extra boost. When they sweat they lose important nutrients. Powerade helps replenish those by giving them sodium, potassium, calcium, and magnesium. It also has B3, B6 and B12.

My daughter isn’t worried about the calories, and she shouldn’t be at her age, but I am for myself. I love the fact that Powerade Zero has ZERO calories, or you can stick with the other favors of the regular Powerade.

  • Made the winning shot for 2 of the tournament games.
    Team won 1st place
    POWERADE flavors:
    • Mountain Berry Blast®
    • Fruit Punch
    • Orange
    • Grape
    • Lemon Lime
  • POWERADE Zero flavors:
    • Mixed Berry
    • Grape Zero

Basketball is my daughter’s passion, and she loves to talk about it. She even trains full time between seasons. When she first approached me about training during the off season, I wasn’t so sure, because well she’s only 13 (12 at the time). I’m a mom, and I can tell that it meant a lot to her so I agreed. I urge other moms to listen to their athletes and encourage them to succeed. I mean that’s what we want in the end right? I love that Powerade is working with the Boys and Girls Club of America on a program called “Just a Kid”. You can purchase their apparel and the proceeds will go to the Boys and Girls Club. The apparel is awesome. You can customize it to your city so that it says “Just a kid from (insert city). 

So next time you are at Walmart, make sure you get some Powerade, and buy something online from their apparel line, I think it's a very cool way of giving back. if you buy 2 packs of 8 you can get a free water bottle! Do it soon as this offer ends 4/4/16 while supplies last.

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  1. How cool is this? We should have this all over,kids need this to give them confidencr

  2. How cool is this? We should have this all over,kids need this to give them confidencr

  3. We certainly do love powerade in our house!

  4. during the summer i carry this on our 7 mile walk other time i carry the water

  5. I'm no athlete, but I sip on one while I'm gardening, and mowing the lawn, and raking, and washing the car, and walking the dog, and....

  6. it's my moms go to drink! she loves the stuff.