Wednesday, April 27, 2016

2016 Autotrader Must Test Drive List

Buying a car is a huge decision for families. I mean, do we need to upgrade, do we need a third row or a minivan? How a car drives is a huge part of picking out a car too! Have you ever driven a car off the lot after purchasing and have a sinking feeling that you made a HUGE mistake because you did not test drive it? I have and it is not a great feeling!! In fact, 84% of those polled by Autotrader said that test driving a car is extremely important part of making a new car purchase.

I don't know about you, but I get really confused about all the cars on the market. For me, I really want to get rid of my minivan and switch over to an SUV but I am unsure of what cars offer the same luxuries we are used to with our van. Autotrader can actually help with this as they have released a new 2016 lineups with all makes, models and body styles that you might be looking for. Like I said, I am looking for a larger SUV with a third row but your family might be looking for something completely different and fuel efficient. If you are the Toyota Prius made the cut on the new 2016 Autotrader Must Test Drive List. This list has been compiled with you in mind, and are the vehicles that you should definitely try out before you make that final decision on which car is the perfect car for you!!

Purchasing a car is both exciting and nerve racking. We want a car that is in the right price range, and we know exactly what we CANNOT live without when we are start looking. I think we can all use less stress in our life, so visit the Autotrader site and let them take some of the stress out of looking for a new car for you!  

Also, here a few tips provided by Autotrader to get the most out of your test drive:

1. Bring people and stuff with you. If you have family, bring them. Bring your regular crap like car seats and strollers to make sure it all fits!  
2.Take your usual route on a test drive. Check the car out in your usual driving conditions such as stop and go traffic or the interstate.
3.  Drive on rough roads to see how the car handles.
4. Drive on curvy roads to see if the car feels too top heavy ect. 
5. Attempt to park the car. Are you able to parallel park it easily? Does it fit in tight spots  
6. Set up your phone in the infotainment system and see how that works and operates for you and how it fits your needs.  

Hope this helps you find the perfect car to fit your needs! I certainly never thought about test driving a car with some of these scenarios! 

Tell me, what kind of car are you looking for? What is your dream car? 

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 This review was made possible by iConnect and Autotrader.  I was provided compensation to facilitate this post, but all opinions stated are 100% mine.

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