Monday, April 4, 2016

Captain Obvious Runs For President #ObviousPresident

Personally I don’t talk a whole lot about politics. That doesn’t mean I don’t vote, I just don’t talk about it. I don’t like how it separates people. So I loved it when I heard that Captain Obvious was running for President.

Ok maybe he’s not really running for the President of the United States, but none the less he is running.

With all the serious commercials, articles and TV interviewers, I really need to take a vacation from it all. Since I can’t really run like Captain Obvious does (no really I can’t, I use a cane and a wheelchair to get around), I would hope (ok again, i can’t hop), ok be “wheeled” onto a plane. Where would you go? Right now I have a friend vacationing in Jamaica, from the pics it looks amazing, maybe I would go there. The first place I go to look at flights and hotels while i’m there would be

While Captain Obvious is running his campaign, you should follow him on twitter to see all his updates. His campaign is being sponsored by I hope they know what they are in for. This should be interesting! You can check out where is is in each state. I looked at Arizona and he said we were famous for a big hole in the ground. I have only lived here about 7 months, but it sounds about right.

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  1. LOL My hubby gets a kick out of watching this guy on television and he probably should run for President, he might just make a good one, or not lol

  2. That's funny. I haven't seen these before since I don't have a TV.
    slehan at juno dot com

  3. I'm glad I'm not the only one! I think many of this election's candidates are such a joke. It's so nice to see some humor blended into this disaster!

  4. Lol pretty cool! I say this all the time.

  5. Lol pretty cool! I say this all the time.

  6. I've not seen this commercial but the political race is such a mess right not and I'm not a fan of any of the candidates, so I appreciate the humor. It's sure a creative marketing ploy.