Friday, April 1, 2016

Lil' Butters Social Butterflies Giveaway

Lil' Butters Social Butterflies Guest Giveaway

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Snaptoys has created a line of butterflies that are hip and full of attitude.  These Lil' Butters Social Butterflies are cute and different just like girls.  These spunky collectible figurines, with their sassy personalities, are geared to tweens ages 7-14.  They help to empower young girls because they are full of a range of emotions just like girls.  Each of the collectible Lil' Butters have unique likes and dislikes.  They have great graphics on their oversize wings and come in custom packaging full of graphics, quotes, and information about each butterfly's personality.

 Here is 02 Sweetbeats, and 06 Lovey Dovey.  Sweetbeats loves to dance like no one is watching.  This Lil' Butters teaches girls to dance to their own beat, be themselves and be real.  Lovey Dovey wears her heart on her sleeve.  This Lil' Butters helps girls learn to trust their heart, and to love truly and deeply just like she does.  Each of the Lil' Butters has values and lessons woven into their stories.  Girls can collect all six assorted styles in series 01.  These are novel collectibles that are unique just like each girl out there.
For more about Lil' Butters and Snaptoys check out Misty's review.
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  1. I have never heard of these but I'm sure my little niece would love . thankyou, ken

  2. I love the concept of Sweetbeats. I have never seen these but I can say for a fact when my 10 year old sees them, she will want them. These are pretty neat all having a different empower girls message.

  3. I think they are all cute. If I have to pick, I'll choose Lovey Dovey. (

  4. I have never heard of them but lovey dovey looks cute

  5. I don't understand how buying into the marketing ploy of a toy manufacturer 'empowers' a young girl?

  6. My favorite is the Whatever! figure from Lil' Butters. Thanks.