Sunday, May 1, 2016

Help kids Floss with Plackers Flossers

For those with kids, you know how hard it is sometimes to get your kids to brush and to floss their teeth. My oldest hated brushing, but my youngest loves it. Shows how each kid is different. Plackers made it much easier for kids to floss, and made it more fun by developing the Plackers Flosser Friend and their kid flossers.

Plackers Flossers for Kids aren’t just smaller than the adult ones. These are really made and designed for kids. They have a dual grip handle so that all ages can hold them easier. Not only that but they have a fruit smoothie swirl flavor. I know my 3 year old hates peppermint or spearmint as it’s “too spicy”, so having a flavor she recognizes is great.

  • Reduces tooth decay and promotes healthier gums
  • Removes plaque and food
  • Provides fluoride
  • Fruit Smoothie Swirl flavor
  • BPA Free
The Flosser Friend is really simple, it’s just a holder for the flossers. Helping kids have fun with things doesn't have to be hard. Usually the simpler the better. I love that it isn’t open all the time. This way it stays clean by having a little door. It also is small enough that it doesn’t take up much space at all.

  • Enhances the overall flossing experience for kids.
  • The Flosser Friend is intended to make flossing more fun and help kids look forward to flossing. 
  • It's a cute way to store kids' unused flossers.

These are definitely something that we will continue to use in our day to day night routine. I feel the more often Fallon uses them, the more better and better she gets and will help her in the future when she gets her adult teeth in.

You can find the flossers and the Flosser Friend at most big box retailers like Walmart, Target and even some grocery stores like Safeway.

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  1. These are really neat and super way to get the little ones into a good habit

  2. This is such a great idea. Really will help the kids get into good habits.

  3. I have used these... These are great and the kids love to use them.

  4. My girl is at the age to start flossing, need to get a hold of some flossers!

  5. This is great! It's so important to get kids started on flossing at an early age.

  6. if we grew up with thme the kdi would of woudl be better teeth

  7. Erica SprankleTuesday, May 03, 2016

    I should give it a try, my son is impossible with teeth brushing, and flossing...I do it for him lol

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