Thursday, July 21, 2016

Stone Mountain Park in Georgia is a Family Friendly Destination!

My family and I recently had the opportunity to visit Stone Mountain Park in Georgia. It is not the first time we have been there, but it is the first time we went as a family of five. I love this park so much because it is truly a family friendly park. Unlike some of the bigger parks where you might have to wait an hour or more to get in, at Stone Mountain there is virtually no wait. We were able to walk right on to everything that we wanted to, except a few rides like the Ride the Ducks needed to be scheduled ahead of time. My kids had so much fun on a few of the attractions that we actually missed out on a couple of things I would have loved to see. However, we all had a blast, and as you can tell from the happy smiling faces of my children, they just loved this little mini-vacation. Let me tell you about the rides and events that we did experience.

Ride the Ducks- How much fun was this? This car/boat hybrid "thing" okay, its actually an army DUKW takes you on a tour of Stone Mountain from land and boat. My kids loved this, because #1 it's fun with music blasting and singing and dancing but #2 because they actually get a chance to drive it on the water. 

Scenic Railroad- I have two long term fans of trains, so this was a must see for us. Of course they loved it. The railroad gives you a little background information on Stone Mountain and is very educational. Halfway through, you stop and watch a little "outlaw" show. We asked after the ride if the conductor would take a picture with us, and he was so very nice. He even took us to the front of the train to get the perfect shot! 

The Great Barn- This was so much fun for the kids. It is a 3 story play house, that has separate little rooms for the smaller kids to crawl and climb. There are slides, trampoline floors and "veggie shooter" type games. This is a great place to get out of the heat for a while and relax while your kids play! 

Yogi Bear 4-D Adventure- I will always remember this one as the first 4d show my oldest son ever watched when we visited 6 years ago. He loved it then, and loved it just as much now. All of the kids loved it, and I admit that this short little move really draws you in, and leaves you wishing it were longer! 

Geyser Tower- My kids played her for hours. Hours and long I took the baby to The Great Barn so we were out of the heat. The kids loved the Geyser Tower because they got wet, and could climb and play and run some of their energy off! 

Laser Show- Yall, this is so awesome. If you have never experienced it, you need to! It is an amazing show....AMAZING. It is patriotic, but also whimsical. There is amazing music, real fireworks, real fire.....its just jaw dropping. Even though it was late, and we were there with three kids (two of which who got sick on the trip) we watched this show from the snack reserved seating. Even they, as bad as they were feeling, enjoyed the show and we walked away just as amazed as we were six years ago. This video was taken of the laser show, and sadly, it does not even begin to do it justice, but gives you a little taste of it.

Summit SkyLift- Another fun ride, and also an educational one. This took us up to the top of Stone Mountain, and gave us facts about the mountain along the way. The kids loved the open windowed lift so they could see down. The top of the mountain is pretty amazing. You can see Atlanta in the distance, and get a great view of everything around. Some people hike the mountain. That's not for us....more power to those of you that do, but with three kids, its not for us. 

We had all intentions of going to the miniature gold, historic square and the farmyard but my kids sicknesses went from bad to worse when we stopped for dinner one evening (we were going to go back but it didn't happen) so we missed out. Even missing those things, we still had an amazing time!! 

Stone Mountain Park could definitely be seen in a day if you arrived at opening and stayed until closing. We decided to split it up into two days though because we knew out kids would want to spend time at the hotel pool. Speaking of the hotel, we REALLY wanted to stay in a Yurt at Stone Mountain. That's like a glorified tent, with actually beds (and AC!).....but sadly they were all booked up. Apparently, camping is the way to stay while at Stone Mountain and is a big deal there! My husband and I both agree that we love this so much more than the bigger name parks. Mostly because it is less crowded but also because it is nature based and you can truly enjoy the beauty of God's creation. All in all a great vacation!

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  1. This looks like a great place to take the family!

  2. This looks like a great place to visit. My family would enjoy this!

  3. Truly looks like a place to have some fun.

  4. Stone Mountain Park does sound like a wonderful and safe place to go, and I'd love to make it a two-day stint! I don't think I'd be up for the yurt, though!!!