Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Baby and Kid Safe Wash/Shampoo and Cleaners from DNA Miracles

I know how hard it is to find products for our little ones that are safe and really good at the same time. I was recently sent a few things from DNA Miracles to check out.
The first product was the DNA Miracles Home Solutions Bundle with bottles. Cleaning products are something I’m always super careful about using. There are so many out there that aren’t really safe. Home Solutions is one that I don’t have to worry about.

One bundle container contains:

  • 4 packs of Home Solutions Nursery + Playroom Cleaner
  • 4 packs of Home Solutions Fruit + Veggie Wash
  • 4 packs of Home Solutions Spot + Stain Remover
  • 4 packs of Home Solutions Bottle + Dish Soap

One thing I love about this bundle is that I don’t have to have these huge bottles of refils sitting around. The is one container that holds the pouches. You just take the pouch for that cleaner like the Spot + Stain remover, throw it in the bottle (no cutting and pouring), add water and shake. The pouch will dissolve in the bottle.

The container is also child safe, so it’s not easy for kids to just twist off. The pouches are color coded so you can tell which goes for what bottle, and each bottle is clearly labeled for what it is. This is nice since we all know we have spray bottles around the house and we can’t remember what we put in it.

My favorite out of all of them is the Nursery + Playroom. I can clean everything and anything and not worry about my daughter touching it as it’s non-toxic and leaves no residue.
My two children couldn’t be more different. My oldest loves water and never had an issue at bath time. My toddler on the other hand, she hates bath time. Well, more specifically she hates hair wash time. It’s getting the soap and water on her face is what bothers her. What I love about this foaming wash is that it’s an all in one. You can use it on their face, legs and of course their hair. This way they are used to it. It can be used on babies as young as newborns.
  • Gently cleanses the skin and hair with surfactants derived from coconut oil
  • Moisturizes and conditions your baby’s hair

The ingredients are simple:

Gentle Surfactants Surfactants are cleansing ingredients that help clean the skin and hair by helping water to mix with oil and dirt so that they can be rinsed away. Many surfactants can be harsh on the skin, resulting in mild irritation. The cleansing surfactants in DNA Miracles® Foaming Baby Wash & Shampoo are derived from coconut oil, and are gentler than many of the surfactants found in other shampoos and body washes. Panthenol Panthenol is an analog to vitamin B5 and can be converted to vitamin B5 in the skin. In cosmetics, it is classified as both a skin and hair conditioning. Panthenol has been reported to bind to hair and act as a humectant, helping to moisturize and condition the hair.”
Both of these products are amazing and I highly recommend them both for your kids or for a really great baby shower gift.

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  1. These cleaners sound wonderfll!. You know your cleaning with safe ingrdients ,not all the chemicals!

  2. Honestly, I sometimes wonder what the harsh chemicals in our shampoos, etc., are doing to our skin. These days, I try to use natural, safer products! I haven't tried these, but I'll look for them.

  3. I often think the same things,sone if the things you can't even read

  4. I often think the same things,sone if the things you can't even read