Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Give Roseshire Roses for Mother's Day

Do you love flowers or love giving them to your special person? With Mother’s Day coming up, you want to find the perfect arrangement. Roses are great for any occasion, especially Mother’s Day. I was recently sent a dozen roses from Roseshire and absolutely love them.
Roseshire only does roses, so they know what they are talking about. When you order, each rose is picked just for you. It’s then put inside its own tube of water making sure it’s still in perfect condition when it arrives.

How do they ensure freshness? Well, they are shipped overnight by Fedex to make sure you get them fast, and packaging is in my opinion perfection. They don’t just put the flowers in the box and call it good. They are packed to make sure they don’t shift during transit. They are so careful that they only want pristine condition. If you receive roses that aren’t, you just need to contact them within seven days and they will work with you to make it right.
Since they are shipped overnight, you can be assured that flowers come sustainable growers in Southern California.

To ensure superior quality, Roseshire monitors every step of their roses’ journey and do not permit our roses to be handled outside of their supervision.
So the packaging is awesome, the card that comes with is super cute (I love Beauty and the Beast), so are the roses really that great? The answer to that is yes, they are beautiful.

I placed them in our living room and had a few people over. They all thought they were beautiful and thought I had someone arrange them for me.

The only trimming I had to do was a leaf here and there so that they weren’t in the water. You can also trim the stem a little as well. Roseshire gives a few tips to keeping them looking beautiful as long as possible:

  •          Dissolve the rose food into lukewarm water.
  •          Remove any leaves that may touch the water.*
  •          Use clean, sharp cutters to trim the stems on a diagonal, ¼” from the bottom, for maximum water absorption.
  •          Place stems into water immediately.
  •          Change the water every three days, adding more rose food to the fresh water.
  •          Top up the water as it evaporates to ensure the roses are never thirsty.

Roseshire has the following options:
Mother’s Day

Beauty and the Beast

Kiss Kiss


Legacy- 10 dozen

I highly recommend shopping now and ordering your special someone some roses just because, or for a special occasion like Mother’s Day.

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  1. Oh, how beautiful! I can't even remember the last time I was given flowers. These would be a great surprise!