Thursday, December 20, 2018

Last minute gift for Beer Drinkers

I’m not a beer drinker, but I have family and friends that are so when I saw these 2 products, I was really intrigued and had to share with you guys. Chances are if you don’t drink beer, you have someone on your Christmas list that does.

To sum it up, Fizzics is a machine that will turn your can or bottle beer into a draft pour! Yes, you read that right.

Per Fizzics “Our Micro-Foam Technology leverages sound waves and fluid dynamics to produce a perfect “pour”. Place any size can or bottle of beer into the DraftPour, pull the handle forward to pour the beer under pressure at a controlled rate to maintain the carbonation within the body of the beer. Push the handle backward to begin the “sonication process”, applying sound waves to convert the beer’s natural carbonation into an ideal Micro-Foam. These uniformed, tiny sized bubbles create the perfect density that delivers enhanced aroma, flavor, and mouth-feel Fizzics is famous for.

As someone who has so many gadgets, space is limited in my kitchen. I love the fact that this doesn’t require an external power source, unless you want to charge it. Otherwise you can use AA batteries. Taking that element away opens it up to so many possibilities. Camping, cookouts, tailgating, or just simply putting on the kitchen table for use.

One of the other things I love about this is that you don’t have to buy Co2 cartridges or nitrogen. This saves from remembering how low you are on either and ordering supplies. Not to mention you don’t have to spend extra money.

Other features:

Engineered using patented fluid dynamics & sound technology to enhance the flavor and taste of beer.
Compatible with all cans and bottles.
Nitro-style draft flavor and taste from all beer styles, including IPAs, Pilsners, Brown Ales, Stouts, Porters, Lagers, etc.

This company isn’t just for the beer drinkers, but pretty much anyone who enjoys a drink. To be honest, you don’t HAVE to have alcohol in it, you can enjoy anything in the glass.

Snowfox took the concept of the stainless steel water bottle and turned it into a tumbler for pretty much everything else.
The Material
“Did you know that the moment you pour a drink into a glass it warms by 2°F or more in temperature? Unlike glass, our insulated stainless-steel drinkware takes on your drink’s temperature. Its outer layer also staves off the warmth of your hand and prevents the messy sweat of most glasses.”

The Insulation
Who needs 8 hours to drink a cocktail? We have just the right amount of insulation to keep your drink cool until you finish it, so we make our glasses thinner and lighter than the usual stainless-steel variety.

The Look
Light and thin-rimmed, our barware isn’t thick like “unbreakable glass.” Other stainless-steel glasses have rims that are 2.5mm thick and are shaped to hold a lid, so they don’t really look like your go-to glassware. But ours fit comfortably in your hand and are shaped like premium glassware with a slim 1mm rim.

The Durability
Our stainless-steel barware is unbreakable. Shatterproof, these wine, cocktail, and beer glasses are perfectly suited for your patio and pool.

As I said before, you don’t have to only do beer, but Snowfox does have categories if you want to take a look. They do have a beer cup that is for a pint as well as cocktail sizes.

Both of these make for great gift ideas, so consider them if you have some last minute shopping yet to do.

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  1. I was a beer drinker. I loved a decent head of foam on my beer! That’s why I liked draft. I usually like it in an iced cold mug. We used to keep a bunch in the freezer. Don’t get me wrong, I liked bottled beer too. I would gift this to one of my beer drinking buddies. I don’t know if I am blind, but I couldn’t find a P to pin this awesome product. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Ashley Chassereau ParksMonday, December 31, 2018

    I don't drink, but we have a lot of family members that do. I think this would make a great gift for them. My BIL just got married... this would have made a good wedding gift.

  3. We are beer drinkers and I love these ideas!

  4. That is pretty neat. Its been years since I've had a beer but this reminds me of nitro cold coffee.

  5. I really like the look of the Snowfox glasses. People would really appreciate a gift like that.

  6. Interesting gifts, don't know many beer drinkers apparently..