Thursday, December 20, 2018

last minute gift for Kids

Are you still looking for a few gifts for the little ones? I have a couple options that might just be perfect for you, I mean them. One is a toy but helps us parents at the same time, and the other well, I may or may not be excited to “help” play with. 

I hate to admit this but I’m 34 (I know surprising to those I tell I’m 29 year after year). If you 
are around my age or older you probably remember playing with a light bright. I love that thing when I was a kid. Well, Pix Perfect, took that concept along with pain by numbers and elevated with sequins!!! Both my girls have cloths and plushies with sequins so why not create art with it right?

The kit comes complete with more than 8,500 pieces in 20 colors (you only need about 575 to create a single piece), a 1’ x 1’ panel, a black mounting canvas with mounting screws to hang on the wall and a design booklet with more than 50 design ideas and patterns.

If you want to shop accessories or buy more pieces you can order them in separate colors. Each set comes with 400 pieces and they have so many colors to choose from.

I know my 6 year old and myself will have a blast creating fun designs. I’m hoping my 15 year old will join in on some of the fun as well.

As a mom of 2, I know there are times where we just need something to help our lives be easier and our kids too. When our kids get a good night sleep, they usually make our day a little easier (when we sleep better it’s the same way). The Tick Tock Turtle was created to help kids not just stay in bed longer, but get a better night sleep.

  •        On-board gyro sensor monitors body movement to wake you in your lightest sleep cycle
  •        Gradual sunrise light promotes NATURAL waking through light therapy
  •        Proprietary long and short wavelength LED's for sleep and wake enhancement
  •        Sleep trainer for early wakers with a countdown light pattern
  •        Can be used as a night light with a fully portable with 2600mah rechargeable battery (4 days battery life)
  •        Hidden setting buttons for parents
  •        5 Gentle alarm tunes
  •        Adjustable music, brightness, volume, night light timer
  •        Perfect to use as an activity timer
  •        Rugged design made with kids safe ABS and food grade silicone

For children who have difficulty waking up, Tick Tock Turtle has a smart alarm setting. This function will monitor your child’s body motion to determine if they are in deep or light sleep. 30 minutes before your set wake up time, if Tick Tock Turtle detects an opportunity to wake up your child during a light sleep cycle, the alarm will turn on before your child can drift off back into deep sleep. Your child may be getting up a few minutes earlier, but we promise they will be in a better mood! 

Both of these products can be bought on their sites, and also get both Pix Perfect and Tick Tock Turtle on Amazon! If you think it may be a great gift I’d def check them out. Let me know what you think if you get either of them or what the child thought of it.

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  1. This reminds me so much of Light Bright from when I was a little girl, but this is even better. I think my daughters would really like this. I like that it comes with 50 patterns.

  2. My kids never woke up on time. I think I need to try tick tock turtle for them. I like the concept of both. With pix perfect kids can have hours of creative time. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Ashley Chassereau ParksThursday, December 27, 2018

    I love Pixel Art! My girls love arts and crafts activities. I know they'd love those.

  4. These are awesome gift ideas for kids! I really like the Tick TockTurtle! My kids would love that!

  5. I think the Pixel Art Kit would make a great gift for my nieces upcoming birthday. She is so creative and this would be something she would enjoy doing by herself or with friends.

  6. Yes, I remember my 2 kids (now grown) playing with Light Brite. I like this Pixel Light Kit a lot better for my 2 grandkids.

  7. (last minute gift for Kids) These are both really nice gifts for children. I really like that Tick TockTurtle.

  8. Love these! They remind me of one of my childhood favorite toys, Starbright :)

  9. I've been eyeing these for my son, but may have to purchase some for myself too! They look fun to do!

  10. I love these ideas. I could use a Tick Tock Turtle myself! lol

  11. I think these both are awesome!1 and would make a great gift for the children any time. I love that pixel art, the girls would enjoy that for sure.

  12. My granddaughters would love this, they are 7 & 8.