Sunday, December 2, 2018

Sharingland has the Windmill Farm Playhouse your kids will love

When the little ones use their imagination it’s so much fun to see. Sharingland is 100% about imagination. One of my close friends has 2 young children and just had a newborn a couple weeks ago, so this is perfect for her. After looking at the options, we settled on the Windmill Farm Playhouse Kit.

Inside the kit is everything you need, no tools required. Contents are:

1 x Grand Palace Premium Playhouse (44')
3 x Pigs
1 x Chicken
2 x Farmer Hats
2 x Denim Overalls
1      x Baskets
1 x Rooster Wind Compass
1 x Windmill Blades

From start to finish it was about 20 minutes, but that’s because we had the little ones helping, so it took a little longer. The playhouse itself is one big piece that you unfold and then put the “roof” on to hold it together. Everything was super easy and is really good quality.

We loved that the kids not only got the playhouse, but it comes with little overalls, hats, baskets and more. Becca had play food already which was perfect as it was garden food. Went perfectly with the theme of the toy.

The boys took to it right away, and their little cousin was there as well to join in on the fun. It’s so cute seeing three little boys just playing away and getting along.

One of the other great things about this kit, is you can take it apart quickly and put in the box for storage if you don’t want to keep up all the time. Personally, that’s a huge plus in the toy department in my house and I know Becca loves that too. Space is at a premium for most of us, so this is a huge plus.

Price wise, the Windmill Farm is $109.99. Don’t let the price scare you though as you are getting really good quality that will last for a long time, and worth it. Check out the other kits and see if this is right for your house, or as a gift for someone.

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  1. This is so cute! I love the little animals! I don't have kids but I think my nephew would have fun with this play set.

  2. These are so cute and makes a great gift for kids. I need one for the kid in me because as an adult I want something I can go into lol

  3. What a cute play house! Thanks for sharing.

  4. I think I'd have more fun building it than the kids would playing in it. So fun! I wish these kinds of playhouses existed when I was a kid. And if they did exist, I wish I had one lol

  5. My daughters got one of these sets as well. They got the grand palace one. They just love it! This one is super cute too!

  6. I'm ALL ABOUT that imaginative, creative play! Such a great way to make it happen too. Love it.

  7. This is adorable! My two youngest love things like this and are always creating some sort of play area out of a box.

  8. Where was this when my kids were little? I LOVE this so much. So much better than TV or electronics. CREATIVE & IMAGINATION!

  9. I love how easy and creative this is! This would be a lovely gift idea for my niece!

  10. It's good this is easy to put together. Looks like the boys really enjoy this. My son would have - now he just makes his own.

  11. this is adorable and something I think my younger three children would really enjoy thank you for sharing and for a great post as always

  12. What a neat toy! And what a great idea, to get kids building and exploring and playing. This would be the perfect gift for my nephew!

  13. What an interesting toy. Never thought of a windmill for the kiddos, but it'd make a great learning piece as well.

  14. I love anything that helps spark a child's imagination. These are so much cuter than your typical cardboard box!

  15. That windmill playhouse is so cute! Any kid will have fun playing in it for sure. My niece would love it!