Saturday, March 16, 2019

Metropolis Resort is the Midwest getaway spot for your family

Finding a family activity during the winter and spring months can be hard in the midwest.
We deal with snow, snow, and did I mention snow? Luckily there is this amazing place called
the Metropolis Resort in Eau Claire, WI (If you aren’t really sure where Eau Claire is, think
Minneapolis and go about 1.5 hours east.) that has a waterpark, trampoline park and arcade
all in one spot! A few weeks ago they us, and man did we have an amazing time. Make sure
you read to the end for a nice surprise ;)

On Friday Morning Anna and the kids picked up Mya, Fallon and Myself and we headed out
on our adventure. Luckily Eau Claire isn’t a super long drive for us and the kids were great
(we did have a 3 year old, 2 6 year old, a 16 year old, and 2 adults in the car).

Check in at the Metropolis was a breeze and they gave us our passes for the water park
( you exchange them for wristbands later). We got up to our room and had to check it out.
I knew it was going to be 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and a living room, but you still don’t know
exactly what to expect in person. We were really happy with how much room we had and the
kids were very happy. The bed room with the kid size bed had a huge walk in closet, very
impressive for a hotel room. Everyone had their own space to sleep. Mya and I had our own
queen size beds. Anna and Michael had their king bedroom with little Holden and the girls took
the pull out couch/living room area which was perfect for them. What was even cooler was
that the room had 3 TV’s so there wasn’t a battle on who was watching what, especially with
multiple children when it came to settling down at night.

One tip, as we checked in they had souvenirs in the lobby. One of them is a refillable cup for about
$12. The refills are free during your entire stay. So if your child drinks a lot, this may be worth
it, plus they get to take the cup home with them. Kind of a win win there. Just a food for thought, or
drink for thought…

After settling in a little bit, we heading down to the trampoline park first. Since it was a Friday
mid morning it wasn’t too busy and perfect for smaller children. For the jumping area there are
multiple areas to play. This is perfect especially since we had kids of all ages.

There were areas where the kids could just jump around. There were also areas where they
could play games like dodgeball, basketball, on the balance beams, act like gladiators. There
were also nets for you climb on. If you have smaller children and needed a break they had a
maze area and climbing area that they could go on as well. The kids played in this are for hours
and didn’t get board, it was fantastic.

From there we decided to head over to the waterpark. It’s definitely designed for younger
children but it does have a slide that is a little faster that an older kid would enjoy (Mya loved
that one). The entire waterpark is kid friendly and we didn’t have to worry about saying, no
you can’t do this or that, they could do everything and loved it.

After going down the slides a few times the girls decided to play in the pool for a bit, then back
to more slides. Holden was all over the place too. He even went down the little slide in the kiddie

It was getting to be dinner time so we headed to the room and ordered our 30” gorilla pizza.
You read that right, a 30” pizza! Now if you can get to the Metropolis Resort you need to order
from Monkey in the Middle (the cafe inside the resort that makes the pizza). We got half sausage
and half luau (think Hawaiian), and it was really good. We did have a ton of leftovers that lasted
for days. The only thing I regret is not taking a picture of the guy that delivered it to our room as he
could hardly get through the door the box was so big. It truly was amazing. As you can see the pizza
was bigger than little Holden who is turning 4 in a couple of weeks.

Anna’s boyfriend Michael came down to help us with all the kids just in time to eat the pizza as
well and to enjoy another trip down to the waterpark. They enjoyed a little game of water basketball
and some more slides before turning in for the night. I will say after a full day of jumping on the
trampolines and two rounds of water, all the kids slept well.

In the morning we had a huge breakfast delivered to our room. The family breakfast has pancakes,
eggs, milk, juice, breakfast potatoes, the works all for around $30. You really can’t beat the price. We
decided that we would eat breakfast, and head down to the waterpark again before we would do more
of the trampoline and do the arcade part of the weekend.

Metropolis Resort was very kind and gave us an arcade credit. With that credit we were able
to use it not only for arcade games but also for the go-karts, batting cages and other areas. To say
the kids went a little crazy is an understatement, but that’s ok, that’s what we were there for. It was so
fun to see little Holden play the arcade games as he wasn’t big enough to do the go kart or the batting

When it came to the batting cages tho, I have to give props to Hadley, she is a champ. Her playing
softball last summer definitely showed. Fallon was really hesitant to do the cages, but she loved the
go karts. She wished that she was old enough to drive them by herself but she was happy that Michael
was able to help her.

With so many arcade games to choose from i’m not sure they had a favorite but they had a
blast going from one game to the next.

At the end when I gave them the card for the total tickets we split them 4 ways and had each
kid pick out a prize to make it equal.

Overall we had a blast. I can’t thank the Metropolis Resort enough for a great trip. If you are
looking for day trip, overnight, or a long weekend for your family, you need to check this place
out. You will not be disappointed. There are plenty of room options available. Not every room
is like the one we had, although ours was amazing. They do have regular hotel style, to rooms
that hold up to 20 and everything in between. Go and look.

Also, let me know if you have stayed there before and what you thought. I would love to hear
your thoughts as we had a blast.

Ok, I promised a surprise. The Metropolis Resort is sponsoring a giveaway of an overnight stay for a family of 5! It’s valued at about $500.
So make sure you go and enter!

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