Thursday, March 14, 2019

Help Your Kids Learn to Read With Reading Eggs

My youngest is 6 year old and she loves to read. Despite her reading far above her age she
still struggles in a few areas. When I found out about Reading Eggs I thought maybe it would
be a really good thing for her. The more I looked at it, I thought it would really help her. It has
more than just here’s a letter. It’s for all reading levels and has math as well. So, I contacted
Reading Eggs and they were thrilled to worked with us, which of course is amazing and I get
to tell you guys all about it.

I have seen a ton of apps and learning systems that give you a free trial but usually it’s a week.
Let’s be honest, you don’t get much done in a week, especially with children. This is not the
case with Reading Eggs, not only do they give you 4 weeks, but you don’t even put in you credit
card to secure that 4 week trial! How amazing is that?

Once you sign up, they ask you a few questions about your child so they can guide you to the
right course and from there you can get started. Fallon is 6 so we chose the one for her age

The thing, I love is that I don’t have have hover over her. She can do her own thing with it. It flows
to the module and saves where she’s at if she needs to take a break.

Sam the Ant guides you through each lesson, and I think that he was one of Fallon’s favorite
parts. She loved him, and loved this program. I started her on my Macbook but she kept wanting
to be on it, so I had to switch her to one of the tablets. To me that’s a great sign.

Take lesson 5 for example, they focused on the “at” and “t” sounds. There were many different
ways that Sam and Reading Eggs had Fallon pick out those sounds.

As you can see from the pictures you progress from choosing a letter, to spelling words. You play
games and just really interact. Fallon really loves the interaction of Reading Eggs. They have done
just a great job on the graphics. Even after the 4 week trial is up the price point is very reasonable
as well, and i’m seriously considering continuing on as she likes it so much.  

Have you tried Reading Eggs before? If you have, please tell me about your experience, and
or your kids experience.  

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  1. My kids have used this and LOVED it! the kept asking to use my computer that just like you i had to switch them to the tablets.

  2. wow this sounds like a great program. i'm going to check it out. my son is just learning to read and I think this could be great for him.

  3. This sounds like a wonderful program. I'm sure my children would love this too. I'll have to check it out.

  4. this program looks awesome. my daughter needs help with reading. She's 7, and this may just help her. Thanks for the great information.

  5. This is such a great idea! Any way we can make reading fun is always excellent. It helps establish a lifelong love of reading.

  6. I'm going to share this with my brother he has got two toddlers and I think they would love something like this to learn how to read with.

  7. I love this already! As a mom of twins, I want to give them every advantage we didn't have growing up, so they can learn to read. This is a great app!

  8. We homeschool our son, and we used this program. We loved it. He really good reading great with the help of this program. Brings back good memories

  9. Reading Eggs would be ideal for my son! He is finally getting the hang of it but it took forever!

  10. I have one baby left to learn how to read. I am hoping to use a program like this with her.

  11. I love that there are great educational apps and computer programs for kids. It makes learning fun and whole lot less painful for the parents lol

  12. Toni | Boulder LocavoreTuesday, March 26, 2019

    This is really awesome! Such a fun way for kids to learn to read.

  13. This will surely give excitement to my niece! Learning is fun with this!