Sunday, March 10, 2019

Where to get Laser Hair Removal in Central Wisconsin

I love that laser and electrolysis is a topic that is no longer taboo. I’m sure you remember
a time when it wasn’t (for those my age and older). My oldest daughter who is now 16 has
been asking for probably over a year about laser hair removal. Now please don’t gasp, it’s
not what you think. One, she’s 75% hispanic which means she has very dark hair and two,
I suspect she has PCOS which means she’s cursed with a bit more hair than normal. Due
to being hispanic we tend to have sideburns and that’s exactly the area that she wanted to
have taken care of.

If you are in central Wisconsin and looking into either laser or electrolysis then you need to head over to Electrolysis and Laser Center in Wausau, WI . I’m so glad I called and talked to them! This post is going to talk about our first visit, but also make sure you check back and follow us on Mya’s progress as we document her subsequent visits.

Deciding between laser of electrolysis can come down to cost, and it can come down to your
type of hair. Carol can help you determine the best course of action. She helped us and luckily
Mya was the perfect candidate for laser. We felt right at home the moment we walked into the
salon. It didn’t feel like a big corporation and clinical. Carol and her team, made us feel very
welcome, and i’m very confident that if you go there they will make you feel the same way.

Like I said in the first paragraph Mya’s problem area are her sideburns. Seeing that she is only
16 I understand. Price wise for this area it runs $75-$135 per treatment. Most areas require
6-8 treatments. This of course depends on your body and your hair type. After the 3rd
treatment the price goes down 20% and Carol and her team discuss this in the consult when
they go over the price as there are no hidden fees.  

Since we didn’t know if Mya was going to do laser or electrolysis, I didn’t have her shave her
sideburns. So please, if you are going to do electrolysis don’t shave for 5-7 days. This gives
your hair a chance to grow a little so they can work on you. Since Mya ended up doing laser,
they shaved for her so it was nice and smooth. If you are doing laser you can shave before
you go in (we weren’t sure so we couldn’t do that ahead of time). Mya was a little
apprehensive when laying down as she didn’t know what to expect. With the laser you have
to wear safety glasses (everyone in the room does). Carol applied some cream on Mya's
skin, turned on the machine and a minute later was one. She repeated the other side and
that was it.

For laser we are to come back in 6 weeks to repeat the process and keep doing that for 5-8
treatments until we are done. Each time the hairs will get finer and finer. We do have to be
careful about sun exposure once summer hits especially right after each session but we are
already careful about that.

I have waited a couple of weeks to write the first post as i wanted to see how Mya did so you
can see her skin. She said she can feel a difference already. Carol said she probably would.
Her skin is really soft. She still has to do her normal routine like before but in the nest few
session she will really see and feel the difference. See below fore more of the areas that you
can get done.

Here are some common areas and current prices for treatments 1-3. Remember they the price
does down after the 3rd treatment:

  • Chin & Upper neck- $85-$150
  • Full face & neck- $185
  • Underarms- $99-$140
  • Upper lip $35-$65
  • Upper & lower lower lip $50-$85
  • Arms, lower- $150-$200
  • Binini, full (Brazilian)- $175-$195
  • Bikini, regular- $120-$175
  • Legs, full- $510
  • Legs, lower- $290
  • Legs, upper- $375

These are just the prices for the laser. Take a look at them. Remember that Electrolysis and
Laser Center offers so many other services like:

Overall we are very happy with how things went on our first visit to Electrolysis and Laser
Center. I’m hoping to be able to get some services for myself soon. Let me know if you have
had Laser or electrolysis done and what you thought of it. Of course check back for our future
posts as Mya gets more treatments.

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  1. I have never had this done before and not sure it is something I would spend that kind of money on to do. Good you have some place to go in Wisconsin if you want this done.

  2. I had a friend in college who hated her sideburns. She would have really loved to have something like this available back then.

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    Glad that you found a right clinic and treatment for your daughter.

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  11. It's always great to read reviews before when going to treatment centers like this! It's important because you never know how it will react on your skin.

  12. It's true you need to get certain things done by those you can truly trust. I love getting laser done and actually just got my own at home laser hair remover that's gonna work out cheaper for me in the long run. It's on my blog if you're curious about it. Cheers to hair free summer! ��

  13. I have always wanted to try but I am kind of worry about the side effect. Glad to read about your review here. I have few spots on my cheek and I have been thinking to get rid of them.

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  15. I'll be making sure to save this for the future. I'm from Wisconsin and I'd love to have laser hair removal. These prices are actually not that bad either.

  16. I’ve had a great experience with Royal Laser clinic in Richmond Hill for my laser hair removal , Nancy is very professional and considerate with my needs and requests. I’m currently getting laser done by them, and they made sure I was comfortable and explained the process to me thoroughly which was great. It was practically painless which was a pleasant surprise! :) I am excited to see how the final result of my laser treatments will turn out!