Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Ultimate Road Trip Guide

Ultimate Road Trip Guide
Summer is a great time for a road trip with your children, but you can make the process easier by planning ahead. Here are some great tips for an ultimate road trip. 

Tip 1: Planning the Trip
Having a written plan for the trip is a great way to remain safer. Things to consider are the weather conditions in an area that you want to travel to along with understanding where you will stay at night.

Tip 2: A Vehicle Tune-up
Drive your vehicle to your favorite mechanic for a tune-up before traveling. Have the fluids such as oil and coolant checked along with replacing the windshield wiper blades. A mechanic can perform a diagnostic on your vehicle to determine what requires a repair before you leave on your road trip.

Tip 3: Install a GPS
By installing a GPS on your vehicle, you can avoid getting lost on the highways or on country roads. A GPS will give you peace of mind while you are looking for sightseeing destinations, restaurants and hotels.

Tip 4: Packing for Your Road Trip
Packing for a road trip that includes children is a different experience. You must have the items required for infants and toddlers, including diapers, formula or jarred food. Older children won’t feel happy about only looking out the windows at the scenery, so they will need books to read or games to play. 

Tip 5: Plan for Emergencies 
It is important to plan for your road trip emergencies such as needing a tow truck, so you should make sure to have a smartphone with you. In addition, invest in special tools such as a 
tireinflator so that you won't need to find a gas station to add air to your vehicle’s tires.

Tip 6: Foods and Beverages

Make sure to pack reusable water bottles that you can fill at a motel in the morning, and also, have a cooler that you can fill with beverages or snacks to keep your children healthy and happy.

Tip 7: Have a Budget in Place
You should have a budget in place for your road trip. Make sure to consider the cost of fueling your vehicle along with having enough money for motel expenses. Bring along one or more credit and debit cards, and make sure to contact your bank and credit card companies about your traveling plans.

Tip 8: Look for Surprises
While you may plan a trip carefully to go to a certain location, take the opportunity to visit surprise events. If you are driving along the highway and notice a billboard advertisement for a place that is great for children to visit, then take the opportunity to enjoy the county fair or local zoo.

Tip 9: Make Regular Stops
Make sure to stop every two hours while driving so that your children can have a restroom break and walk around. This will prevent meltdowns, and it will also help to keep you mentally alert while you are driving.

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  1. I usually do some planning before the road trip. I also do some stop overs so we can at least eat or explore the area.

  2. A vehivle tune up is such a good idea. I think that is the thing I have always forgotten to do before going on road trips.

  3. Never take for granted that your vehicle is in tip-top shape for a road trip. Very useful tips. Happy driving!

  4. Great road trip tips. #2 is what I do all the time before my road trip. Always check the vehicle is in a good shape is important and can minimize lots of headache on the road.

  5. I feel like budget is the biggest one. It's insane how much money we spend just stopping at gas stations for snacks?!

  6. I love going on road trips! All the random talks and loud music. And it is true that you get to see random surprises along the way!

  7. Wop wop.....with all these, the road-trip(s) better be ready for us!

  8. That is a really great guide! Road trips are so much fun with the proper planning!

  9. We took a road trip last summer. It was impromptu and amazing. It would have been better if we'd planned it. ;)

  10. These are such great tips to help make sure you're prepared and ready for anything. Then you can just be present and enjoy the ride! Thanks for sharing!

  11. I love road trips. This is a great guide for those just starting out.

  12. This is a great guide. I just love taking road trips during the summer months!

  13. Thanks for the great tips! It's nice to go an a road trip, but I dread the chaos when something goes wrong, because we hadn't planned on it. Good to be prepared.

  14. We enjoy our road trips and hope to do some this fall for some weekends. Need to be extra prepared when travelling with kids. Thanks for these tips.