Thursday, October 10, 2019

MyID Medical Alert Bracelet is the must have

I live my life in a constant state of illness. There are multiple things going on, some worse than others, but non the less lots going on. While I live with multiple chronic illnesses I try not to live in fear. I am however prepared if something may go wrong. Do you have a plan in place for people to call, or a list of your meds etc? I have a bracelet were all that information is stored with my Dr’s information, meds, diagnosis etc. It’s from MyID, and it’s a medical alert bracelet. Being that October is Dysautonomia month, I have Hyper-POTS and EDS (Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome) I thought it would be the perfect time to share this amazing product with you guys.

Most people think of a medical ID bracelet and they may think of the engraved ones from back in the day. Now you can get silicone ones that don’t even look like medical alert, or ones that look like beads. So many options now, it’s so much fun. On the inside of the bracelet is where the information is. That’s where you can scan, call or go to the site and get to everything. Let’s talk about a couple options and accessories first and then how easy it is to link the bracelets and access them when needed.

The MyID sport is made from medical grade silicone and is super lightweight. I don’t take mine off even in the shower. They have sizes that range from child to XL so almost everyone can wear this. I also love that there are a ton of color options. I personally chose the black and blue.

Cost is $24.95. That’s a one-time fee, not monthly, no subscription. In my opinion this is a great price. Plus, android and iOS (along with all their other products).

MyID has a lot of options already created for example if you have Asthma, a Peanut Allergy, have either type 1 or 2 diabetes. They recently added No blind NG tube and No NSAIDS for the WLS (weight loss patients) both I need both of those ones. There are so many more you can choose from. Another great one you can do too if you can’t find what you are looking for is make your own. You can do two lines. Both can have up to 9 characters. You can do either a silver or black finish. The slider is $4.95 alone, and then if you do the custom it’s an additional $6. Again, these prices are amazing in my opinion. I have looked at other companies and really haven’t seen better prices out there for such great quality.

I have POTS, so I had a slider made that says Dysauton-omia/POTS so that first responders know that I have Dysautonomia with the subcategory of POTS. In addition to that one, I also have the Star of Life. I’m also getting a permanent spinal cord stimulator, so I’ll be ordering another slider to add to my bracelet.

I have the Star of Life on my Apple watch Just in case for some reason I’m not wearing my MyID bracelet, then a first responder knows that I have a condition that would require attention and they would have to ask questions. It doesn’t have a barcode or anything on the back or inside of it, bit it doesn’t alert someone that there is a need. It does cost $9.95, and comes with other options besides the Star of Life incase you want to check that out. It’s a great option if you have just one medical need and don’t have to have all the other things that come with the medical bracelet.

This is honestly my favorite new series from MyID. I wear this when I have an outing that is a little higher end or I don’t want it to look like a medical alert bracelet. It honestly looks to me more like essential oil lava rocks to me. The cube in the middle is where you have your QR scan and phone number with pin to call for the information. They are more expensive ranging from $75-$95 depending on which one you get. Mine is the Lapis Lazuli which comes from Afghanistan and is $95.

There are other products the MyID has these are just a few. I recommend taking a look at them all.

Setting up your Account

Creating your account takes only a few minutes. After that may take time depending how many illnesses you have and medications.

The first step once the account is set up is linking your bracelet. It’s super easy, you just give it a name (you choose whatever you want to name it), put in the ID number and then the pin number. Then start plugging in your personal information. That’s what takes the most time. It really depends on how many illnesses you have, and medications.

I highly recommend checking out MyID as having a medical bracelet can be lifesaving. You really never know when you will need it. I hope you will never have to, but if you do, it’s there for you. With so many options, and having them so affordable, it’s hard not to. If you have one of MyID’s please let me know which one and what you think.

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  1. thanks for sharing! I am sorry you suffer from POTS :(

    Joy at The Joyous Living

  2. I love this! So, it's more like what the Apple Watch does, right?

    1. it can, but not everyone can afford an apple watch. if my watch dies it's very needed. the 5 only has a battery life of less than 24 hours.

  3. These are so important for anyone with any kind of condition to have. I can't believe how far medical bracelets have come. They used to just be little metal bracelets.

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