Wednesday, July 1, 2020

DIY Crystal Gem Candies with Steven Universe: The Movie

Week 2 or #CampWarnerBros is here and not only is it a fun movie, but a really fun project. This week we are watching Steven Universe: The Movie and at the same time we are making DIY Crystal Gem Candies. If you have ever seen Steven Universe then you know this is the perfect project to do alongside the movie.

You do need some patience with this project ( about 4- 6 hours total as it rests) and please parents make sure you help the little ones as it does involve hot liquids. While ours didn’t quite turn out how we expected we still had a blast making it, and that’s what really matters. You only need a few ingredients, but a couple supplies to help.

Ingredients and supplies:

1 glass jar (like a mason jar)
1 pencil
1 paper clip
Kitchen twine or cotton string
Food coloring (I use gel)
3 cups granulated sugar
1 cup water


  1. Cut the string a little bit longer than the height of your glass jar
  2. Tie one end to the paper clip and the other to the pencil
  3. Wet the string with water and roll it in some sugar (this jump starts the gem candy)
  4. Pour water into a pot and bring to a simmer
  5. Add sugar, one cup at a time. Stir and let dissolve before adding the next cup
  6. Remove from heat and let cool for about 10 mins.
  7. Pour into the glass jar and add food coloring
  8. Place the paperclip into the jar and wind the string around the pencil until the paperclip is about 1 inch from the bottom
  9. Place in a cool and dark area for about 4-6 hours
  10. Once ready pull the crystal gems out (you may have to pull a little)


If you haven’t watched any of the cartoon Steven Universe I recommend that you do. When I first watched it, I thought it was really weird (I have a 12 year old boy in the house that watches it a lot). As time when on it got better and now I actually watch it with him. I just wasn’t used to this type of show and now that I am, I get it more. The movie is definitely worth getting.

Steven thinks his time defending the Earth is over, but when a new threat comes to Beach City, Steven faces his biggest challenge yet.

You can buy the movie on digital, Blu-Ray and DVD. You can also buy from Movies Anywhere and watch It right now!

Have you seen Steven Universe? What do you think of the show? Also have you tried making your own crystal gems before?

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  1. What a nice and tasty idea for children you have certainly found a way to entertain it!

  2. That looks like a fun activity to do with my kids.
    Never seen that movie but looks like a good one to watch by my kids.

  3. That's an awesome way to get the kids excited about learning. Anytime you can combine learning and fun, you're that much closer to teaching the kids that learning can be a great source of enjoyment.

  4. You brought back so many childhood memories for me! I used to make rock candy when I was a kid all the time!

  5. I have a hard time watching cartoons, but I will generally sit with my son anyway. I love the candy project to go with it though!

  6. I recall making something similar when I was a kid but forgot what the process was. What a helpful article with a fun project to try... thank you !

  7. Those sound like a lot of fun! And so does the book. I'll have to do this with my kids.

  8. I agree, sometimes when you watch a little, things become more endearing. It's a nice way to bond, if anything. :)

  9. I love the DIY Crystal Gem Candies! Me and my niece & nephews will do it on weekends. Thanks!

  10. such a great way to bond with kids! <3 these candies are looking great! <3

  11. Oh wow what a fun way to spend a day for sure. I think this is such a cool idea x

  12. I remember doing this as a kid. Such a fun project. Thanks for sharing this and reminding me. I will do this with my son.

  13. These look so much fun to make. Looks like the kids had a ball making them too!

  14. That looks so much fun. Kids would enjoyed that for sure. I will try this with my niece.

  15. This looks cool and interesting for kids