Thursday, July 2, 2020

Domino Sugar 4th of July Trifle

I can’t believe it’s July already. The year is already half over! How is that possible? Since it’s the 4th of July in a couple of days I wanted to do a dessert that was geared more towards the holiday. With the help of one of my favorite sugars (Domino Sugar), Fallon and I made a 4th of July Trifle.

What I love about this Trifle is that it’s so easy to make. Most importantly you need a really good sugar to make the whipped cream. You don’t want store bought for this, homemade is best. Domino Sugar is my go to for making whipped cream and baking in general.

Domino Sugar can be found at your local grocery store. I love cooking with it plus they have some amazing brown sugar as well. I have made so many desserts and dishes with their brown sugar it’s crazy.

Fallon Loved it so much that she devoured the individual one. You can make single serving trifles or bit ones for a potluck. Either way you can’t go wrong.

My tip is about 10 mins before starting, put your bowl into the freezer. It will make things go faster. Also keep the heavy whipping cream in the fridge as long as possible. Please note that if you have a really large bowl or multiple you may need more ingredients than this.

  • 1 package graham crackers
  • Half stick butter melted
  • At least 2 cups heavy whipping cream (depends on how much you are making)
  • 1 tablespoon vanilla (1/2 per 1 cup heavy whipping cream)
  • 2 tablespoon Domino sugar (1 tablespoon per cup heavy whipping cream)
  • 1 pound strawberries cut long wise (depends on how much you make)
  • 1-2 cups blueberries (depends on how much you make)


  1. In a food processor blend the graham crackers. Then in a bowl add in melted butter and mix until a crumble. Add into base of bowls and press like a crust and set aside.
  2. Get the bowl out of the freezer and add heavy whipping cream. If you have a stand mixer slowly get to 10 and wait until a soft peak and then add the sugar and vanilla. Then keep mixing until stiff peaks.
  3. Add a layer off whipped cream on top off graham cracker crust
  4. Add a layer of strawberries
  5. Add another layer off whipped cream
  6. Add a layer off blue berries
  7. Add a layer off whipped cream
  8. Top with both strawberries and blueberries


As you can see, this is a very easy recipe. If you need more whipped cream, you can easily make more. Don’t worry, you don’t have to re-freeze the bowl, just add more heavy whipping cream and beat it.

Please let me know if you have ever made anything like this.

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  1. i love a fourth of july trifle with all the strawberries! yours looks delicious.

  2. This looks so yummy! I haven't made something like this in ages!

  3. This looks delicious! I want to dive into it right now!


  4. Finally today is July 4th and although it will be a different day from the others, the desire to celebrate is not lacking. Just reinvent yourself! Good recip!

  5. That looks super tasty! I love the colors, and I love how simple the ingredients are.

  6. I love just about any fruit dessert. This one looks amazing. I think we may do it today for the 4th of July!

  7. Good and fresh just the way I like my dessert.

  8. Strawberries and Blueberries are perfect for the 4th! I want to try this!

  9. I am not that into pastries, cakes or desserts, but this looks really good. Sweets has just never been my thing, I never even liked candy as a kid :)

  10. I love your Domino Sugar 4th of July Trifle! It's so easy to do. My niece could help me do it.

  11. I use Domino sugar for baking and I must say, it's really nice.

  12. Oh, wow! this looks so delightful and yummy. Strawberries are perfect this July 4th. It seems like your daughter really loves to help you doing this trifle.

  13. This looks exactly like the Trifle I make for 4th of July. Actually I should say made. I don't do it as much now, but it's definitely a goodie!!!

  14. I have never made trifle before although I have enjoyed it at many Italian restaurants. Yours looks amazing. Can't wait to try it.