Wednesday, November 25, 2020

How to Capture Kindness with T-Mobile

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In a year of so much uncertainty, I think we all need something to make us feel good, to make us smile again. I also try to teach my kids to be nice to everyone. You never know what they are going through. Showing kindness to others also makes you feel good about yourself. With Giving Tuesday coming up, I love being able to show my kids how others are also giving back and showing kindness to others. So, I took the girls with me for a few errands and a few acts of kindness. Follow along to see what we did and to get a few other tips for how to give back through companies like T-Mobile that are also giving back to the community!



How does my family #CaptureKindness….


Pay for a car behind me at the takeout window… 


I need my daily dose of caffeine, and when I’m out and about you can bet I’ll be making a stop for pickup coffee. In the world of COVID, it can be hard to do something for a stranger. I’ve found that an easy way to pay it forward is to actually pay for the car behind you. So, after I paid for my coffee (and of course treats for the girls), I paid for the car that was behind me. It may seem little, but as someone that has been on the receiving end of this, it really made my day and I kept the kindness chain going. 


Thank a teacher...


With school being virtual right now, this puts a lot of pressure on teachers. Fallon wanted to thank her teacher. We didn’t know what he wanted or needed, so we simply picked up a gift card to a store. This way he can get what he wants. You can do so many things to give to a teacher from a single gift card, to a gift basket. 


Give back to healthcare workers…



Disclaimer, mask off only for photo. I know she was tested in the last 2 days and was negative. 


Nurses and other healthcare workers are on the front-line day in and day out. A lot of them are working overtime to try and keep us healthy. I personally know a lot of nurses and I wanted to show my appreciation so we picked up another gift card and dropped it off to a healthcare worker I know. If you don’t want to go out and deliver something yourself, you can have a treat delivered to a unit in a clinic (call first to make sure they will accept) on your behalf. 



These are just a few examples of our recent acts of kindness. You can also give to a charity, drop some donations off at Goodwill, or donate to a shelter or a single mom's home. I found a lot of inspiration on how else I can be giving back by reading about what companies like T-Mobile are doing through their initiative #Capture Kindness.




What can you do with help from T-Mobile?  


Between now and Dec 4th each time you do an act of kindness, please make sure you post on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram with the hashtag #CaptureKindness. Don’t forget to mention what that act was. Every Time you do this T-Mobile will donate $10 (equivalent to 100 meals) to Feeding America®, up to $1 million (or up to 10 million meals).


To kick it up even more, T-Mobile is giving $1 (up to 500,000) for each customer that clicks on the Feeding America® donation option in the T-Mobile Tuesdays app on Giving Tuesday (December 1). Since $1 is an equivalent of 10 meals, this means that this number could go up another 5 million meals going to Feeding America®. All you have to do is click a few buttons. Last year there were 34.5 million people that were going hungry, and this year it’s 50 million. They need your help to get the message out there and to give out up to 15 million meals. 



I've said it before and I’ll say it again. T-Mobile is a company that goes above and beyond. They are not just about their customers, but about people as a whole. It really shows in their community outreach. 


Take what they do with their employees. They are giving each $20 to contribute to a charity of their choice. They could have stopped there but The Un-carrier decided that they would match employee’s personal donations 2:1 (up to $750,000, and up to $4,000 per employee) from Dec.1 to Dec. 31, 2020. This truly is a thoughtful gesture. 



And when you’re trying to do good during the holidays and give back, it’s nice to know it doesn’t mean you necessarily have to sacrifice giving yourself or your own family gifts thanks to some of T-Mobile’s incredible holiday deals. You can get a phone for you and someone else with some of these deals at such affordable prices (makes for a GREAT Christmas present!). 


All postpaid customers can get the powerful iPhone 12 or iPhone 12 mini for FREE (up to $830 off) with trade and a new line, a BOGO on iPhones (up to $730 off) with a new line (or two for new customers), or get two Apple Watch SEs for just $10/month with a new watch line (two for new customers), which can be combined with two free iPhone 12s with trade-in of two qualifying iPhones and two new voice lines—STILL for just $10/month. That means, for just $120 per month with AutoPay, get two epic iPhone 12s on Essentials and two Apple Watch SEs with service. That deal just boggles my mind it is so good. 




Samsung & Google fans can get a new Google Pixel 4a with 5G for FREE with trade and a new line, a Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G for $99 with a new line, or $500 off the latest Samsung Galaxy models with trade, or BOGO (up to $1,000) with a new line (two for new customers).


Need a watch? Get a Galaxy Watch Active2 for just $99 with a new line.


Need streaming services? ALL TVision LIVE subscribers now get 30+ top-rated entertainment channels from TVision VIBE included. And, TVision Live+ and TVision Live Zone subscribers can get 12 months of Apple TV+ for FREE. - THIS I have to check out! 


Switch to Metro by , pay no switching fees and get four lines of unlimited for $25 and four free Samsung A21s via rebate. Or, switch and get an iPhone SE for just $49.99 via rebate after 3 months of service with AutoPay.


An act of kindness isn’t always about the biggest thing you can do. It’s about making someone else happy, even just for a moment. If we all do something in the next couple weeks, especially on Giving Tuesday, can you imagine the impact that would have? 


Please share with me what you have done for others lately. I love a nice feel good moment especially when it has to do with an act of kindness!

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