Thursday, December 10, 2020

Give The Cabinet Caddy and The Go Hang It for Christmas this year

I don’t know about you, but I LOVE the show Home Edit and it has inspired me to redo my entire kitchen and moving onto the rest of my house and organize like crazy. In doing that I need supplies and tools. Two of those supplies are from Inspire PDG and are a Cabinet Caddy and The Go Hang It. Check out below how I used both and how they can be the perfect Christmas present.

Like I said above, I’m obsessed with the Home Edit. I should have taken a before picture of my cabinet, but I forgot. Anyway, the Cabinet Caddy is an organizer's dream. I already have a system for my spices, or I would have used this for them as it’s PERFECT for spices.


Each Cabinet Caddy includes two towers, so you actually get four shelves to work with. As you slide the shelf out you can turn it for easier access.


Dimensions are 10.75” High by 5.25” W by 10.75” D. It should fit most kitchen cupboards but on the offset that it doesn’t, it can also be placed on the counter as well. After getting a 3 pack for my essential oils, I have decided that I am getting more as I tested it out for my food coloring, and it fits perfectly in my cupboard. My daughter also wants some for her bathroom.


The other product I mentioned above is The Go Hang It. This product is a huge lifesaver in the photo hanging department. I can’t hang anything even to save my life.  I’m not sure why, but every time I try it winds up crooked. If my husband isn’t around to help me well I’m just out of luck. With The Go Hang It, I don’t have to worry anymore as I can hang my picture frames.


How does it work?


You insert the Magnekeys into the sawtooth, precision hanger, or the D-hook on the back of your frame.


Place the level that is provided in the kit on top of your frame and mark the holes by pressing into the wall.


Pull out, and find the marked holes and put the nails in


Hang your frame up on the wall


It really is that simple. Plus if you need some parts The Go Hang It does come with the following pieces for your convince:


• 6 D-Rings

• 8 ft Picture Hanging Wire

• 10 Nails (1.75 x 25)

• 10 Nails (2.0 x 30)

• 24 #6 3/8" Self-Tapping Screws

• 10 Picture Hooks (10 lb)

• 8 Picture Hooks (20 lb)

• 4 Picture Hooks (30 lb)

• 12 Single-Notch Precision Hangers



Both of these products are perfect for someone on your on your Christmas list who is into organizing, handiwork, or this is even a great gift for yourself. I never knew how amazing these were until I started using them and then I felt like I was missing out all these years.


Could you use some organizing in your pantry?

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  1. OMG, I need these in my life! My cabinets are abysmal. They just look like they were ransacked.

  2. I need to get some of these Cabinet Caddies for my husband. The cabinets in the garage are a huge jumbled mess.

  3. I have been longing for a cabinet caddy like yours. I have lots of spices at home and my counter and cupboard are totally disorganized. Cabinet Caddy would be a huge help.

  4. Ahh this is such a great idea!! Definitely need to sort out my cabinets!

  5. These are great tools for organization/decorations. I need the GoHangIt tool. I have a lot of artwork/photos that I plan to hang!

  6. Hehe....definitely, yes! And with a cabinet such as this one.